Hosting and Entertaining in New Zealand Garages

Hosting and Entertaining in New Zealand Garages

If you’re short of room and you’d love to host friends and entertain at home more often, turning your garage space into an entertaining area is a great way to make the most of what you have. Garages have plenty to offer for entertaining — shade from the sun, shelter from rain and wind, and with doors that open wide, you can enable plenty of fresh air to circulate. Also, garages offer a casual vibe where everyone feels relaxed, so once you’ve transformed your garage into your go-to entertaining area, you’re sure to have many great times there.

Best make a plan

The most successful projects start with a plan, so think about what you want from your space and the budget you can allocate to it. You’ll find many examples of cool garage spaces online, pick and choose from the inspiration for what you can and can’t achieve. Perhaps you could create a  man/woman cave, games room or home gym that doubles as a dedicated party space? 

Above, clockwise from top left: If there's a party space at home, teens are likely to stay home; Utlilise what you have - jars make trendy beverage holders; Make a beautiful chill zone under the pergola; Party lights = good times ahead!

As the party heats up, keep your cool

Garage doors allow plenty of airflow, but it can still get quite warm during the summer months, not to mention cold in the winter, so look for ways to keep the temperature of the space comfortable. You’ll need power points and circuit breakers to power portable fans, heaters and, of course, the fridge. Power points always come in handy and are safer than using extension cords, especially during a party so it's worth the cost of having them installed.

For an inviting atmosphere year-round, opt for insulation in the walls and garage door. Heat and cold air inside the garage transfer to the rest of the home and conversely rob the home of its warmth. As a bonus, insulation serves to lower your energy bills.

Floor coverings make a big impact in the garage, check out some options here.

If the budget is low and the car still needs a home when it's not party time you can transform your garage inexpensively to host an amazing shindig for family and friends.

Above, clockwise from left: A garage entrance made very special; Themed snack holders for the win; There's a garage door under those streamers; Dreamy glow stick chandelier. 


Cleaning and organising the garage should always come first • Pack all your party supplies together for easy access each time • Plan a menu that is simple to prepare and eat • Enlist cleanup helpers BEFORE the event • Keep it simple and casual • Make sure guests know the party will be in the garage so they can dress appropriately • Forget disposable, make use of what you own • Pick fresh greenery for decoration


• Floor coverings

• Wall lining (plasterboard)

• Table Hire

• Glasses, plates and cutlery hire

• DJ / Sound System

• Catering


• Rugs and Mats from the house

• Old Curtains to hang on walls

• Make a trestle table using sawhorses

• Put a call out to borrow what you need

• Create a few playlists on Spotify

• Ask your guests to bring a plate

Above, from left: Use decorations to cover the junk; Permanent party corner; Use a fitted sheet as a tablecloth, nifty!

Whether your garage is single or double berth, has sectional doors or a roller door, opens manually or automatically, you’ll generally find that you have lots of options to consider, now you just need an excuse for a party!

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