Garage Doors for New Zealand Homes' Resale Value

Garage Doors for New Zealand Homes' Resale Value

With the garage door often dominating the frontage of your home, its appearance can make a substantial contribution to the overall appeal of the property. A simple upgrade could take your house from one that is overlooked to the one that gets pointed out. What an easy investment! Looks aren’t the only selling point a garage door can enhance, read on for five ways the garage door can make a difference to the appeal of your house.


Why play it safe when you have New Zealand Colorsteel®’s range in the game? The range boasts 18 colours plus Zincalume as standard, or you can go all out with a Powdercoated garage door option and select from over 100 beautiful colour choices.

A bold colour can make a statement on its own and might be just the lift to give that sense of personality to your home. Choose from your existing pallette or use a complimentary colour from the Colorsteel® range. 

Matching the garage door to the house colour can give a sense of space, helping a smaller home to appear less cluttered from the street.

More on colours here.


An insulated garage door can give back the versatility that is lost when winter comes. Not only does an insulated door help to prevent heat loss from the garage, it can also aid in keeping cold weather at bay. Another attractive factor of insulation is that it acts as a noise barrier, so activities happening inside the garage needn’t create a racket outside. Great selling points for family homes especially, when the garage is often utilised as another room in the house.

See Garador’s Insulated Series here.


The style of door you choose can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of your home. Pressed panels often give a traditional feel that is well suited to colonial style or country homes. Pressed panel garage doors could help to create a traditional look from a house that may be lacking in design direction. Perhaps you’d like to do the opposite and bring your older style home into step with modern homes. Flat panelled garage doors can really accentuate the modern aesthetic, they also look sleek alongside monolithic cladding. 

Windows are another style choice that can have an impact on the overall design feel. The positioning and shape of windows can be a fun way to inject personality to your home without a major dollar outlay.

Find your favourite garage door style here.


Nothing says ‘security risk’ like a grotty old garage door. Not only are our doors built from tough New Zealand steel in some impressive thicknesses (0.4 - 0.95 BMT), the features of Garador’s openers make them some of the most secure on the market. Just some of the standard features that come with your Garador Precision or Garador Focus Automatic Garage Door Opener: Soft start / soft stop to reduce wear and tear, customisable operating modes such as Vacation Mode and Pet & Pedestrian Mode, TrioCode™ multi-frequency coding system and TrioCode™ code hopping technology to generate a new random code with each use. 

Did you know that you can purchase a new garage door & opener combo for less than $3,000?* 

Find out about the rest of the features you’ll get with a Garador Automatic Opener here.

*Dependent on size, style and options.


Along with state of the art openers, Garador offers you total peace of mind with our Smartphone Control Kit. Open your garage door from anywhere in the world (subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability) and get a notification when anyone else opens it! Gone are the days of driving away then suddenly wondering if you remembered to close the garage door, a quick consult of your App will let you know the status of your door and if in fact you did leave it open, you can close it with the tap of a screen.

This sort of security and peace of mind is a great selling point - showing buyers that they can move in and feel secure right away.

Other optional features include an Infra-Red Safety Beam to detect anything - such as children or pets - moving under the garage door as it closes, Entry Keypads to enable entry to the garage without a transmitter, Solar Charging and more. More on accessories here.

BONUS REASON: Garador’s Nationwide dealer network, for installation and servicing in your neck of the woods.

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