Warranty for New Zealand Garage Doors with Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

It’s important to have peace of mind when you make a purchase, but you also want to know that the company you purchase from will be around to service your warranty as well.

Our Warranties are Extensive 

Garador is part of a company that has been manufacturing garage doors since 1946 and we offer some of the most extensive warranties available. Not all manufacturer warranties are the same, it’s important to check the fine print, particularly for automatic openers.

  • Does it include the full opener for the period of the warranty, or just the motor?
  • Does it include servicing on-site, or do you have to return the opener to the manufacturer?

All of these things are important, should something happen to your opener. Garador premium openers include a full 7-year warranty on not just the motor, but the electronics of the opener as well.

Door Maintenance is Important

Preventative maintenance of your garage door and opener, is just as important as servicing your car.

Much like the engine of your car, your garage door is made up of numerous moving parts designed to lift and lower your door safely and efficiently.

Ongoing preventative servicing ensures that your door will continue to function within factory specifications, greatly reducing the risk of failure and repair bills down the track, plus it ensures you maintain your Warranty.

Garador Garage Doors & Openers must be serviced within the first 12 Months of installation and then once every 2 Years thereafter by an Authorised Garador Dealer.

Please note, your warranty is only valid if you maintain your garage door and opener by following the instructions given in your 'Owners Handbook' or the instructions detailed in our Door Care & Maintenance article and if you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact your local Garador dealer.


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