Flooring Covering Options for Your New Zealand Garage

Flooring Coverings for New Zealand Garages

Some of these floor covering solutions will be a cinch for the DIY enthusiast. For others, like the glassy, epoxy finish pictured below, getting in the experts will be money well spent. Whichever way you go, a garage is infinitely more welcoming when the floor is maintained.


Colourful tiles that click together for stability, rather than being adhered to the floor. Made from heavy-duty vinyl or rubber, they are great for hiding cracks in a concrete floor, though will work best when the floor is level. You can combine colours to create patterns and borders. This is a great DIY option.


Typically made from heavy-duty vinyl, peel and stick tiles are easy to install and make fast work of covering your floor. Works best on flat, level floors. You can have fun with colours here too. Make sure that the floor is thoroughly clean and dry before laying.


This is a nice easy-install option, just roll it out, trim the edges and you’re done. You could stick the edges down for safety. Works well on floors that aren’t perfectly level and will hide defects well. The colours are more restrictive than tiles and when it comes to damages, it’s not easy to fix cleanly.

PAINT - Latex or Acrylic

A cheap and easy solution, especially if you already have the materials. There is a bit of prep work to do, such as repairing any cracks with concrete filler, sanding it down and giving the floor a thorough clean and dry. It’s best to remove oil spots and make sure to prime and paint, using products specifically designed for floors. Cut in along the edges with a brush and then use a roller for the rest - a long handle will make things much easier. Note that paint is not as durable as most of the other floor coverings, and another coat might be needed in three or so years.


Have garage carpet professionally installed for a tidy, stain resistant result that covers all kinds of defects. Or try adhesive carpet tiles, which have come a long way in recent times. Tiles are now available that are petroleum resistant (ie. wipe off oil stains with a cloth) and can be power washed. Again with the freedom of creative expression with colours!


Quite possibly the pinnacle of garage floor coverings, Epoxy Resin will give a sleek, showroom finish to your garage floor. This works best on a floor that's already smooth and flat. Epoxy paint has a built-in hardener and creates a durable floor that resists oil stains and wipes clean easily. It is more challenging to use than latex and acrylic but provides a long lasting result. Prepare the floor well - you may need to etch it - and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, to avoid a lumpy finish. You’ll need to blend the epoxy paint and hardener, then apply it quickly, because the mix is viable for only two hours. Add colour or metallic effect chips across the floor’s surface and seal with a clear coat for a classy, glassy garage floor covering. 

If you’re not a seasoned DIYer, this could be a case for the professionals!


This might be the simplest option, it’s certainly the cheapest. It might not be as flashy as the other solutions, but it could meet your needs adequately. The sheen of a sealant looks attractive and it will ward off stains, keeping your garage floor looking fresh. Once again, make sure the floor is well prepped, clean and dry before you apply a sealant. A solvent-based sealant gives the best protection and more of a wet look sheen, water-based sealant won’t last as long but the fumes are somewhat less harsh when you’re applying it.



Garador's garage doors include a soft and pliable weather seal across the bottom. The weatherseal helps to stop leaves and rain from coming in under the door, keeping your floor spic and span.



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