Setting up a Kitchen in New Zealand Garages

Setting up a Kitchen in New Zealand Garages
Is your gastronomic style being cramped by a crowded kitchen? Does your head get in a scramble every time you cook eggs? Perhaps your kitchen needs extending far beyond its walls… right into the garage.

There are some great benefits to turning your garage space into a new kitchen. Many garages even lead into the kitchen area, so you might already have part of the infrastructure in place. With its large open floor plan, the garage offers a blank canvas for transformation into a well laid-out cooking and/or eating area that just might be the envy of your guests.

Thoughtful Planning

Converting your garage is a big job and one that needs astute planning to make sure you maximise this opportunity to add value to your home. 

• Start by pulling ideas together into a scrapbook or Pinterest board, so that once you talk to your kitchen designer they will get a picture of what you want to achieve.

• For high-end projects, working with an architect could help to identify creative ways to maximise the potential of your garage and establish a space that flows naturally into your home.

• Council permission may be necessary, so first and foremost get some advice and apply for consent as soon as possible. This is one aspect that you should never cut corners on.

• Will your existing kitchen still be functional, or does this garage renovation open up possibilities such as an extra bathroom, spare bedroom, study or storage area?


Converting your garage to a kitchen typically saves time as well as actual building costs, given that the walls, foundation and ceiling are already in place. However, there might be other costs that aren’t obvious, like requirements for light, ventilation and access to utilities. 

• If plumbing is not available in or adjacent to the existing garage, the costs will likely blow out of proportion.

• Calculate your budget, and then add some extra for surprises. There are always surprises!

• Consider whether you’ll re-use elements from your existing kitchen. This will save money but will also mean that the old kitchen is out of action while installation takes place.

Find your Perfect Match

Good builders are often booked out for months in advance, but it’s worth doing your homework to find the one that’s right for the job. Kitchens are a specialised area and for safety reasons, we advise a registered Master Builder.

• Try asking your designer or architect for recommendations and have your plans ready so that any prospective builders know you mean business.

• There’s going to be noise, mess and inconvenience for a few weeks. Ask your builder how they deal with working alongside the day-to-day running of a house.

• Ask to see examples of renovations they have been involved with and get a quote upfront.

A Lucrative Side Business?

If you’re a creative and skilled cook with a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, you might want to start a side business in a new commercial garage kitchen. After all, many well-known businesses started small working from a garage and went on to do great things.

Your commercial kitchen will be a more ambitious version of the home kitchen garage conversion with an emphasis on efficiency, hygiene, and the ability to scale up if necessary.

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