Enjoy New Zealand New Year's Eve by Hosting a Garage Party!

Host a Garage Party this New Year's Eve!

A Garage Party is such a good way to celebrate New Year’s Eve! People will really appreciate having something fun to do rather than roaming city streets, paying exorbitant prices for drinks and club entry, then languishing on the street trying to get a taxi at the end of it all. Especially for those of us over 30! At your place your friends can dance, laugh and celebrate with you, what could be better?

No need to start too early, if people arrive after 8 they will hopefully have had a meal and will not get too plastered before the countdown! That way you only need to supply nibbles, which keeps costs down and means less prep time.

The wide world of the web throws up plenty of advice on how to celebrate in style for little cost. We hope you enjoy our pics!

Clockwise from top left: Novel snack vessels suit a garage party; champagne jelly shots looking seriously classy; BEST idea ever: GLOW sticks in the booze barrel; confetti-filled balloon to pop at midnight; milk shots for the kids make them feel special; outdoor table inspiration; tools for fuel; more novel use of things you just might have lying around…

Tips for cheap and easy garage party planning:

  • Line garage walls with hessian (sacking), black polythene, paper or bed sheets.
  • For lighting, drag out your house lamps - standard and desk lamps - and create a warm atmosphere. Nothing says ‘Party!’ quite like party lights. Leave the Christmas lights up but remove the Christmassy decorations and embrace a New Year’s Eve theme - black and white, sparkles, or gold are all easy to achieve.
  • Candles - maybe not. Alcohol + candles = a bad idea.
  • Embrace technology: Create a hashtag for guests to use while posting on social media from your party. That way later on anyone can see all the shots from last night!
  • Create a party playlist and ensure the last hour before midnight has plenty of retro dance hits to get everyone primed for the countdown!
  • A radio or TV is good to have on hand to play a countdown at midnight.
  • Write an hourly countdown on balloons - 11PM, 10PM, 9PM, and so on - and pop them (with darts if you dare!) as midnight approaches.


Clockwise from top left: Polythene bags, some spray paint and a black light are all the tools you need to build a dance floor; glow stick chandeliers: short-lived but mighty effective; glitter-dipped feathers for a bit of glitz; easy, filling food idea: Tortellini Skewers will feed a crowd; sheets of pastry + salami + cheese + pesto + spinach = Pepperoni Twirls for the win!

No New Year’s Eve party is complete without the bubbly, so stock up on a few bottles for guests to toast at midnight. Don’t forget to supply sparkling juices for the non-drinkers!

Party hats, noise makers and horns are all fun but a great party track can do the trick just as well by getting everyone up on the dance floor.

Forward planning can help ensure that your celebration doesn’t end with unwise decisions. Ensure that guests who are drinking have a designated driver. Have taxi service numbers on hand for those that don’t have a designated driver. If space allows prepare an area for overnight guests.

A resolutions board is a bit of a laugh… and on the serious side, do your friends a favour and don’t let them drink and drive.

Be a little prepared so that you are not running around at 11.50 pm looking for champagne flutes! That way you can relax, let your hair down and really see the new year in with a bang!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and an excellent 2019, from Garador.

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