Festive Decorating for Small Spaces in New Zealand Homes

Festive Decorating for Small Spaces in Your Home

If your area is limited but your Christmas spirit is alive and ready to party, maybe it’s time to forego the traditional 7-foot pine and embrace your wall, window and ceiling space? There is an abundance of exciting possibilities to spark seasonal merriment without impacting on your home’s flow and functionality.

1. Trim the Tree

We’re talking tree size here. Try using only the top portion of an artificial tree • Purchase a small living tree in a pot - take it outside after Christmas and it will live to freshen your home with the scent of pine for years to come • A skinny tree can fit into a small corner • A half circle tree with a flat back can be positioned against a wall • Use a tiny tree brach in a lovely pot or vase and position it on a sideboard or table • Think outside the house - maybe there’s a tree outside your window that could be decorated with lights to shine inside?

2. Themed Colours

Choosing a colour scheme and keeping the decorations you choose to those colours will avoid a cluttered feeling in small spaces. Match your colour scheme and design theme to your home’s decor and you’ll create a super classy vibe.

3. Garlands of Greenery

A lovely way to bring the fresh scent of Christmas into the home is to cut pine or evergreens, eucalypt, holly and rosemary and string it along balustrades, above doorways, around windows and along the table as a centrepiece.

4. Grace at the Table

Why wait till Christmas Day to create a table centrepiece? The dining table is the perfect spot to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. Try filling glass bowls or vases with baubles and add strings of fairy lights or intersperse with candles. Greenery works really well here too, hide long, flat dishes under your display to enable frequent watering.

5. Forage and Craft

A beautiful, cheap, easy and oh-so-Scandinavian styled idea is to find some small branches and fashion them into a tree or star shape, then entwine it with a small string of lights. Your decoration can be leaned anywhere and will create an instant Christmassy feel.

6. Festive Mantelpiece

A fireplace mantel is a focal point in a living, dining or bedroom space. Replace your usual mantelpiece vignette with Christmas ornaments, lights and wreaths for the month. It’s a great way to bring Christmas into the home in a central spot that won’t disrupt day-to-day functioning of the room.

7. Decorate from Above

Hanging decorations needn’t be just for trees, try hanging them from pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling beams or doorways. Glass baubles look extra special with the light shining through them. Be sure to position decorations a safe distance from electrical wiring and the heat of globes.

8. Suspend decorations in the windows

Spread the joy of Christmas with wreaths and decorations hung over windows for all the world to see. Use simple string, fishing line, or colourful ribbon and removable hooks for hanging. Matching decorations for each window look really stylish.

9. Elf your Shelf!

Transform an existing bookshelf into an enchanting showpiece with a few decorative ornaments. Or why not go over the top and replace the entire unit’s contents with Christmas sparkle?

10. When the Tree is not a Tree

Lastly but certainly not least, there are plenty of wonderful ways to create your own ‘tree’ against a wall: Use rows of foraged branches to create the look of a tree • Use strips of washi tape to ‘draw’ a tree • Attach baubles to the wall in a tree shape • Draw your tree on a chalkboard wall, the possibilities are endless.

We hope you have been inspired to embrace the joy of the season and decorate your home, no matter how small it is! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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