Some Easy Ways to Organise New Zealand Garages

Easy Ways to Organise New Zealand Garages

Following on from our recent article on Spring Cleaning your Garage, this time we are looking at garage organisation.

For the neat freaks amongst us, this is a super fun time but for a lot of people, this chore will probably be tossed into the too-hard-basket next to cleaning those fetid sneakers in the back of the closet and water blasting the driveway. “But I already spent a whole weekend cleaning the garage!” we hear you cry.

Come on, bear with us and look at all these little projects we have to make your garage the sort of place you could invite Martha Stewart to inspect.

Plan the space and the uses

As mentioned previously, setting up zones for different activities/sports/hobbies/chores will make it a breeze when it comes to storing and finding things in the garage. After all, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend 20 minutes looking for the rake! The zones could be defined with coloured tape, small signs or simply be containers, shelves or drawers.

Next, keeping those zones organised can either be a matter of buying shelving, pegboards and racks or by whacking together a few small project pieces for next to nothing.



If you have a bunch of drill bits or different screwdrivers floating around the tool box or workbench, how about a magnetic rail to keep them in place? Cheap and easy to make or purchase and really, really handy to have.



We think this re-purposed pallet is a sweet way to corral your long-handled tools. No more tripping over spades, forks and fishing rods on the way to the car! Too rustic? How about using some PVC piping to house your tools?



Keeping all sorts of randomly-shaped tools in place can be as simple as hanging a pegboard and utilising a few S-hooks. This method helps to keep items in plain sight, within reach when needed. Your walls never have to be marred by a myriad of nails holes and loosening hooks. Go the full hog and trace the shape of the tools onto the board for easy replacement.

For a robust and dare we say it - sexy - take on the pegboard, use galvanised steel. Now that really takes things up a notch. (Extra points for magnetising here too).

Hanging sports equipment not only keeps it off the floor, but helps to maintain the longevity of the equipment. Balls are notorious for never staying put, take a leaf from the department stores and make a simple ball holder. Get some bungee cords, nail some rails to hook them into and voilà! No more rolling ankle-breakers.



Any racks or shelving will be much more efficiently utilised if each shelf or space is a specific zone. Allocate each household member, each sport or activity its own shelf and revel in the ease it creates! Just don’t forget to LABEL those shelves, cubbies and racks accordingly.


Mobile Zone

Using a mobile cart for a workbench can be a perfect way to create a workspace when there actually isn’t any spare space to be had. If you are a dab hand with those tools that you’re tripping over, there are plenty of online tutorials showing how to build a workbench on wheels. Otherwise it might be time to start dropping Christmas gift hints…


Always shedding

Designate one of those zones/bins/shelves as an ongoing pile of stuff to purge/sell/donate. You will congratulate yourself.


We hope this has given you some inspiration to reclaim your garage and actually enjoy being in there! Coming up next time, storage tips and ideas.


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