10 Easy Steps for a New Zealand Garage Sale

10 Easy Steps for a New Zealand Garage Sale

 1. Clear the space

Clear your selling area, remove rubbish and things you’re not selling, make the place look nice. People will not only feel more welcome, they’ll also feel good about having your cast off gear.

 2. Sell only stuff worth selling

You want to get rid of your junk, but does anyone want it? Make the decision and keep sales-worthy items. The rest can go to the tip - most tips have shops where they sell items that are too good for landfill, so you won’t need to feel bad about it.

 3. Choose your day

Think about what is happening seasonally - long weekends and school holidays might mean fewer customers around. Great weather and local festivals might mean lots of people are out and about.

 4. Signs, signs, signs

Make plenty of CLEAR signage with the date, address and time displayed. Consider where the sign will go - can someone driving by read it? If you add details, make it simple: COUCH • BED • BIKES • CHEAP - all must go

 5. Advertise

Advertisements in local papers, on the kindy noticeboard, on your neighbourhood Facebook page are all worthwhile.

 6. Realistic Pricing

Maybe you paid $500 for that old sound system back in 1993, but today you’ll be lucky to find someone willing to take it off your hands. Think about what you would be happy paying for your items and price accordingly, before sale day is best.

 7. Price Labels

The jury is out on whether you’re more likely to sell an item with a price on it, or whether that will turn people off. Our advice is, follow our advice above and put the sticker on it.

 8. Arrange it nicely

Piles of clothes, boxes full of the unknown and dodgy electrical items are appealing to only a small number of customers. Hang it, sort it, clean it and prove it works.

 9. Be willing to reduce your price

Maybe have an idea in mind of the lowest price you’ll go to. Think about what happens if you refuse a sale, will it really sell for more online? If someone buys a lot of items, perhaps throw in something for free.

 10. Donate the leftover

Local op shops, Women’s Refuge and The Salvation Army are worthy recipients of the good things that didn’t sell. Don’t give them the junk, please see number 2 above for that.

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