New Zealand Garages Make the Perfect Venue for Kids' Parties

Garages Make the Perfect Venue for Kids' Parties

No ornaments to smash, walls that can have tape and pins stuck in them, floors that don’t matter…

The garage is the perfect party venue.

Good, cheap fun and really easy to put together, you can take the garage theme to heart with some racy treats.

Keeping little hands busy can be quite a challenge, simple activities and creative treat bags go down… well, a treat! You don’t need to spend a lot of money, generally the old-fashioned games like apple bobbing and Pin the tail on the Donkey are not only simple, they are loads of fun!

We love these fruit and donut hole kebabs, but pretty much anything on a stick goes down well with children.

Make a tasseled backdrop

So cheap and easy! Purchase plastic table cloths (colour coordinate with your party theme) from party supplies or ‘$2 shops’. Choose either three or six cloths as you’ll be plaiting these later.

Decide if you want to go vertically or horizontally with the sheets, depending on the area you have available and the size of your sheets. Starting with one sheet, take the edge and pin it up at intervals onto your wall. Take the next sheet and layer it on top, removing each pin and replacing it as you create the new layer. Repeat with all sheets.

Next, take some scissors and slice each sheet into strips, all roughly the same thickness - around 10cm.

Lastly, plait your layers together, just for a few cm until they hold together. Give them all a fluff up and there you have it!


Balloon Stomp

Before the party blow up balloons, at least one per guest, plus a few extras. Cut string into 40cm lengths and tie one end of each to a balloon. Curling ribbon works well. To play, tie a balloon to one ankle of each child (shoes off is best). Then, tell the kids to run around trying to “stomp” or break everyone else’s balloon while keeping their own from getting popped. The last guest with a full balloon wins!


Pass the Bag

Fill a large rubbish bag with a variety of clothing items such as aprons, men’s and women’s shoes, scarves, hats, socks, ties, shirts and skirts. To play, have guests form a circle and pass the bag around as music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bag must take something out and put it on. No searching! They must take the first thing their hand touches. Continue until the bag is empty and all the kids are dressed in ridiculous outfits. Take pictures of the funny results!


Balloon Bat

Before the party, make paddles by taping paint stirrers or wooden spoons to paper plates, one per guest. 

To play: For younger kids, have them stand in a circle and throw a balloon in the air. Kids must use their paddles to bat the balloon back and forth while keeping the balloon from touching the ground. 

For older kids, form a net by stringing crepe paper between two chairs. Guests can then team up and bat the balloon back and forth across the net. When the balloon touches the floor, a point goes to the opposing team.


Eat the Doughnut

The object of this game is to eat a dangling doughnut with no hands! 

To play: hang doughnuts on strings from a high place, such as a doorway or tree branch. Tie childrens’ hands behind their backs, then have a race to see who finishes their doughnut first. Have at least one doughnut per party-goer plus a few extra. Iced chocolate donuts produce the messiest—and funniest—results. Have a pack of biodegradable wipes handy for the aftermath!

Images above in a roughly clockwise direction from top left:

Easy decorations for the garage door - give the balloons to the children to take home at the end of the party; Mousey on a cracker uses avocado, half a boiled egg, radish ears and a chive or bean tail for a healthy, tasty, super cute snack; When is a fitted sheet not a fitted sheet? When it is a table cover; Use hanging balloons to cover your garage junk; This is cool: fill a blow up kiddie pool with cushions and blankets to create a perfect ‘chill out zone’ for tweens.

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