A Guide to Beautiful Garages in New Zealand

A Guide to Beautiful Garages in New Zealand

You may think your garage is just somewhere to put things that you don’t have room for, but think again. Your garage is prime real estate and, depending on its size, you can turn it into a beautiful space that you and your family will love to spend time in.

Once you’ve had a garage sale to reduce the clutter – consider using the proceeds to buy paint and other accessories – what you do with the space is entirely up to you, but here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Your garage floor doesn’t have to be dusty, grey concrete. Here’s how to make a garage instantly more appealing - add a floor covering! You can enjoy a warm, comfortable, easy to clean garage floor that you can still park the car on. For recreation areas, consider adding rugs on top of your heavy-duty garage floor covering. For hints and tips on tiles, garage carpets and how to apply epoxy floor coating, check out this article.


If you’re keen to create a space for multiple uses, lined garage walls are a huge plus. While you’re at it, insulation will also make a big difference to the comfort of your garage. When a garage is lined and insulated, it becomes just like any other room in the house, opening up many possibilities such as a family games room, guest accommodation or office space. An insulated garage door closes the deal by helping to regulate the heat coming into or going out of the garage. 

Here’s where you can go out of your comfort zone with colour, experiment with paint and inject some personality into your garage. Your beautified garage is also a great place to hang children’s art, wall hangings or those art pieces that not everyone agrees on. Large artworks and wall hangings can hide a multitude of flaws, dents or unpainted wall linings.

Add storage space with wall shelves, cabinets and hooks, to keep everything up and out of the way for a clean, uncluttered look. Attach plastic containers or wire baskets to the walls to hold all those little things that don’t have a permanent home.

Look Up

To minimise clutter on the floor, why not utilise the area above your head for storage? You may need to bring in a professional to make sure your overhead storage is secure and easy to access. Oversize items and seasonal sports equipment can be conveniently stored in the headspace of your garage, leaving the floors free for fun!

Lighting is an important consideration in a space that often lacks natural light from windows. Most garages have standard fluorescent lighting that is great for typical garage use, but not so great for parties or sleepovers. Enhance the lighting in your garage space with LED lighting, or install dimmer switches to really set the atmosphere. 

The Garage Door

Now for the crowning glory. A new garage door from Garador will not only look stunning from the outside, but it will also operate reliably year upon year, keeping out the elements and providing protection for your family. 

Superior Custom-Made Garage Doors

At Garador, we know there's no such thing as a typical Kiwi garage. We manufacture your garage door to your specifications for the perfect fit and reliable performance. Every door is made with care and precision for increased security and ease of operation, and they’re smart phone compatible for convenience.


For more information about our garage doors and openers, contact us for a free measure & quote, or find your nearest Garador dealer.


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