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When people think of the fun rooms in their house, they probably don’t think of the garage. The kitchen is where tasty food comes from. The living room has the honour of hosting social events and providing a relaxed vibe. The garage? Well that's to park the car and dump stuff, isn't it? Not generally considered an exciting room, the garage can actually be a pretty cool space.

Small Effort, Big Gain

Inside, a garage can truly transform with just a small amount of effort. Start with a cleanup, from top to bottom. Add plenty of storage options and you have more chance of keeping it clean and tidy. Invest in a floor covering and your garage has way more options for use, as well as creating a sense that it is indeed a part of the home. Making the garage more pleasant to occupy can be as simple as installing an insulated garage door, helping to regulate heat and sound transfer into and out of the garage.

Happy on the Outside

In some ways, the front of the house is your own billboard to the world. It gives an impression of the people that live in it, their style and habits. The garage door is one portion of the billboard that it's easy to have fun with! Use the garage door to spice up your message with a textured finish or pressed details. Windows do double duty, lighting up the inside while providing a design detail from the outside. 

A totally different view on garage door style is Garador's Designer range. Garage doors made with acrylic or frosted, mirrored or coloured glass and framed by powder-coated steel give a truly classy edge to your home. The VL Designer Range is totally customisable and is the perfect finishing touch to a high-end home.

Above, clockwise from top left: Camden brings this home to life; A Designer Door will be a talking point; Statesman gives the perfect point of interest; Adding windows to the raised pressings matches the front door stylishly.

Do it with Colour

Colour is a cost-effective way to show your personality and Garador's colour choices allow your creativity to shine.

Garador's standard range is certainly not average, with 18 Colorsteel® shades to choose from! Match your roof or trim colour easily for a cohesive design, or use the same colour as your cladding, to create an almost seamless flow on a minimalist exterior. But if you want to add real spark to the street, consider using a contrasting colour to make a feature of the garage door, let it pop against the rest of the house. Choose a colour that is complementary to the rest of your home and have some fun! Our images show the incredible difference a standout garage door can make to the overall feel of your home.

Do you want to show your rebellious side? Get creative with colour and give the neighbours something to talk about! Garador offers powder coating as an option, which gives you the ability to match almost any colour from nearly 100 shades!

Above, clockwise from top left: Strikingly minimalist, Sierra completes this gorgeous new home; The details on Grange pull this design scheme together beautifully; All you need is a mountain scene and Aspen; Aspen with texture and bold style; Grange shows its range with a pop of colour.

A quick and relatively inexpensive way to completely transform the look of your home, a new garage door from Garador provides style, functionality, the security of technology and much more. Garador Garage Doors are manufactured to your specifications for the perfect fit and long-lasting performance. Every door is made with care and precision for increased security and ease of operation, and they’re smartphone compatible for convenience.

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