Renovating New Zealand Homes - Don’t Forget the Garage

Renovating Your Home - Don’t Forget the Garage

Home renovations can be exciting as well as overwhelming. The pressure is on to get it right while you have the opportunity. Careful planning before any building starts will ensure you’ve included every feature you want and need. Although renovations can create a major disruption to family life - especially if you’re living in the house while renovating - the end result will be worth all that dust and noise.

While you’re upgrading your house, don’t forget that the garage is also a part of your home. Without spending a lot of money, you can give the garage some attention to keep it up to par with the rest of the house.

A Coat of Paint

If all of your renovating budget has been allocated to the living spaces in your home, perhaps the most workable option is to give the garage a cleanout and a coat of fresh paint. Using leftover paint that has been used in the living spaces will help to make the garage look and feel like part of the family home.

A Complete Overhaul

If your budget is a little more elastic, you might want to give your garage a whole new lease on life by renovating it along with your home. Consider all those elements you’ve never liked or that annoy you to no end, and take this opportunity to change them. Add wall lining, heating and cooling, floor coverings, and remove all the junk you’ve been tripping over for years. Then you can make full use of the valuable space in your garage for storage or create your own special space.


If your garage isn’t essential for parking the car – perhaps you have a carport – why not turn it into another room? If you have a growing family or just need more space, consider repurposing your garage for a practical solution that will add value to your home. Most of the infrastructure is already in place and depending on what you’ll use it for, simply adding extra power points, built-in storage, lighting and carpet can create a room with multiple possibilities.

Don’t Forget the Garage Door!

In all the excitement of renovating, you won’t want to forget the garage door! Taking up as much as 30% of your road frontage, the garage door has a big role to play in the overall look and feel of the home. With options to suit all cladding styles and a colour range that encourages creativity, Garador can help you renovate your garage door with style. Choosing a new garage door and opener combo will not only help to upgrade the look of your home in just one day, it will serve you reliably for many years to come. 

Superior Custom-Made Garage Doors

At Garador, we know there's no such thing as a typical Kiwi garage. We manufacture your garage door to your specifications for the perfect fit and long-lasting performance. Every door is made with care and precision for increased security and ease of operation, and they’re smart phone compatible for convenience.

Call us on 0800 000 661 for more information about our garage doors and openers, contact us online for a free quote, or find your nearest Garador dealer.

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