10 Reasons to Start Your Next New Zealand Business in a Garage

10 Reasons to Start Your Next Business in a Garage

When you start a business, the last thing you want to do is spend any money that you do not have.

Starting a garage-based business can allow you to focus primarily on your product and not worry so much about how you’re going to pay the bills.

1. Low Overheads

While entrepreneurs are making and shaping, revising and improving their product, service and/or idea, the last thing they need is to worry about covering the rent.

2. Have a place to be ‘out there’ creatively and do what you want

The greatest companies have started with the craziest ideas. The founder of the Post-it note actually started with the idea of trying to create something that would stick to anything. His complete failure at that led to the greatest success of post-its.

3. It’s a good a place to work late night or early morning

Entrepreneurs often work crazy hours as they develop their idea, sometimes while paying the bills with a job elsewhere. It will help if your nocturnal brain-storming doesn’t disturb the rest of the household. A beat-up couch to crash on will assist on your road to greatness.

4. Technology Is Your Friend!

With the technologies available today, it is completely feasible to not only run a company from your garage, but to look much bigger to the world than you actually are while doing it. It's easy to be accessible and connected, and difficult for customers or clients to know where you're operating from.

5.  Miniature Companies

Depending on the type of business, you may actually be able to handle production as well as planning, testing and admin from your garage.

6.  Quick Turnaround and Cost Effectiveness

One of a company’s assets when starting out is the fact that there is no middle person to take a cut. The entrepreneur is involved with the complete process and is nearly always there to take care of everything at all times. That leads to cost effectiveness, quick turnaround and lightning fast customer service.

7. Tax Benefits

You can share some of the costs of running your home, such as telephone, rates and electricity expenses. You can also claim for travel expenses when you do need to leave the “office”.

8. No more Commuting

Instant access to your workplace. No worries about leaving something at the office. No traffic!

9. Create the environment that makes you productive

Work in your pj’s while listening to glam rock or whatever else floats your boat. Take time out when you want - mow the lawn while the sun is shining, pick the kids up from school or leave town early for a weekend away.

10. It’s right there - start NOW!

It can be tricky to keep up the motivation and discipline required to work from home. You will actually work harder than ever before, although hopefully with more passion because it’s yours! You need to put the effort into your business and constantly market it, nurture it, and plan goals for it.

Make sure family and friends know that when you are working, it’s just like any other job. Dropping in for a cuppa must be on your schedule, not theirs. Conversely, you might feel isolated and crave some company. So remember to treat yourself now and then, every successful businessperson deserves that!

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