Five Easy Ways to Improve Your New Zealand Garage

Five Easy Ways to Improve New Zealand Garages
Is your garage dingy, cold and messy? Do you get out of the car and pretend not to see it for what it really is? We’ve rounded up five ways to help you turn it around and make your garage a place of usefulness.

Step one: Clean & Organise

Let’s get the worst job over with first, there really is no choice but to roll your sleeves up and get the job done. Set aside a Saturday and rope in a helper or two to give the garage good clean and sort. Read our Easy ways to Organise your Garage story for practical tips on organisation.

Step two: Add Floor Covering

A new floor covering can really turn your garage around, making it more appealing to use and a lot easier to keep clean. There are plenty of choices to suit all budgets and skill levels. We’ve taken a look at some of the options in this article.

Step three: Accessorise

Safety options, cool features and smart accessories all contribute to making your garage function seamlessly and keeping your family and possessions safe. Smart phone control, infrared safety beams and wireless keypads may be more accessible than you would think. We’ve highlighted some of Garador’s convenient garage door accessories in this article.

Step four: Insulate the Garage Door

An insulated garage door could be the difference that makes your garage a well-utilised space in your home. Insulation can lessen the effect of weather fluctuations and sound transfer in and out of the garage. Read about it here. View Garador’s Insulated Series garage doors here.

Step five: Enlist some Life Hacks

We’ve rounded up some easy little projects that help to keep the garage tidy, help you to find the tools you need and even aid in car parking! Check out our garage hacks here.

If you’re ready for the best garage upgrade ever, talk to your Garador dealer today.

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