What to Do About a Dented Garage Door

Best Way to Fix a Dented Garage Door | New Zealand

Every garage owner can benefit from the convenience of quality garage doors. While most modern styles and materials are durable and protect against bumps and bangs, sometimes dents happen just as life happens. If you accidentally dent sectional or roller garage doors, here’s how to check on the condition of the door before calling in your local dealer for repairs. 



Our top recommendations on what to do after accidentally denting a garage door.

Assess the Dented Area 

Some garage door dents are more serious than others. Someone might bump the door with bags or sports equipment and scuff it lightly. But if you hit the door with a bike or car, chances are the dent will be more noticeable and the damage could be significant. 

Take a good look at the door to ascertain the damage. Where is the dent and is it hand-sized, basketball-sized, or car-sized, for instance? Your licensed garage door repairer will likely ask you about the size and location of the dent when you schedule repairs.



Check for Damaged Parts

Sectional, tilt, flex-a-doors, and roller garage doors all have numerous components that make the door operate optimally. A large dent could affect more than individual panels. The garage door insulation, tracks or springs could be compromised without obvious signs of damage. 

If the garage door has been hit by a vehicle, even if the dent is small we recommend you don’t use the door until an experienced professional has examined it.

Damage to the tracks, frame, springs or garage door motor requires professional attention. Do not attempt to operate the garage door.

Think of it this way: if you try to open a dented door, the effects of the dent could cause the door to become stuck in the tracks or to place undue force on the frame and cause further damage to the entire system. The sooner you pick up on damaged parts, the better you can protect the integrity of the door until repairs take place. 


Learn to recognise the parts of your garage door for help with assessing damages.

Call in the Experts

Whether it’s a barely-there dent or serious damage to the garage door, insulation, panelling and tracks, it’s always a good idea to have an expert take a look. A trained garage door repairer knows what to look for, how to assess the extent of the damage and whether the door can be repaired or needs a full replacement, along with an idea of cost.

Dents in sectional garage doors might be repaired with replacement panels as long as the rest of the door is in good condition. A professional repairer may be able to smooth out small dents with tools or suggest partial or full replacement of roller garage doors depending on the extent of the damage. To avoid recurring problems, perhaps try a clear-out to create more space in your garage - ask your repairer for suggestions too.



Invest in Professional Service & Repairs 

Garador is New Zealand’s top choice for reliable garage doors. When life happens and you need to fix dented doors call us on 0800 000 661 or book direct to organise repairs to your garage door.

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