Health Check for Your New Zealand Garage Door

Health Check for Your New Zealand Garage Door

Did you ever consider that your garage door is the largest moving object in a house?

As such, it’s important to keep your door in good shape and operating smoothly. This is beneficial for safety, longevity and to maintain the conditions of your warranty. It is important to note however, please do not attempt to carry out your own repairs.

Give your Garage Door a DIY Service

Servicing & Repairs

We recommend that your garage door is serviced by an experienced technician every 12 months or earlier if required. If correct maintenance and servicing are not carried out your warranty may be void. Let’s face it, the garage door performs a very important role in keeping your family and assets safe, it is used daily and operating at its best is a high priority.

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Regular Maintenance Checks

Just like a car, the garage door needs to be cleaned and maintained - and like a car, the more you do so, the longer it will last. Some areas of the garage door don’t get the benefits of rain washing, so can be prone to build-up of contaminants that can lead to corrosion.

To keep the door well maintained, wash regularly three to four times per year - more often if you are located close to the sea or geothermal areas. Use clean water and a soft bristled brush, paying particular attention to include the curtain face adjacent to the door head and inside over the top of a roller door.

Timber finishes should be cleaned and maintained according to the timber finish manufacturer’s recommendations.

Quick tip: When you clean your car, clean your Garador garage door too.

For more servicing & repairs advice visit our Service & Repairs page. 


For urgent repairs, phone 0800 427 236 to contact your local Garador service agent or see their location here.

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