10 Reasons to Buy Our New Zealand-Made Garage Doors

10 Reasons to Buy New Zealand-Made Garage Doors

 1. Reliability

At Garador we believe Kiwis deserve reliability, that’s why we have 5 year warranties on our residential doors and 5-7 year warranties on our residential openers. We back this with a nationwide network of distributors at your service.

 2. Our Great Range is Made to Measure

Garador’s Garage Doors boast fantastic looks to match modern homes or traditional - or to provide interest and contrast. The Steel Sectional range comes in varying steel thickness, smooth and woodgrain finish options, window options including your choice of toughened glass or acrylic, and an enormous range of colours (see below). Each door is made to fit precisely into your space, with residential door widths up to 6600mm.

 3. Technologically Advanced Features

Garador is dedicated to remaining ahead of the game when it comes to technology. Your family’s security and lifestyle is important to us so we offer the latest features in doors and openers either as standard or optional extras. (See below 6. Openers and 7. Smartphone Control Kit).

 4. Distributors Countrywide

We have over 30 dealers nationwide! They will come to you for a free measure and quote, ensure your new garage door is installed with the minimum of fuss, and offer backup service to keep your garage door maintained in top notch condition.

 5. Fabulous Colours

All Garador prepainted doors are made from Colorsteel in a beautiful range of colours, with trusted paint formulations to provide excellent colour performance and scratch resistance. If you’d like even more choices, we can also offer over 100 optional Dulux powder coated colours. The finish is stunning and you’ll be able to match just about any colour you can think of. Kinetic Colours crank the good looks up even further, with a metallic finish that shimmers with the changing light.

 6. Choice of Openers

Top of the range is Garador’s GDO-9 Premium Sectional Opener. This beauty comes with an impressive 7 year, 20,000 cycle* warranty!

Our GDO-11 comes in a close second. It’s suitable for sectional or tilt doors and the warranty is for an entirely respectable 5 years/10,000 cycles*

Standard Features for Garador™ Residential Openers:

• Soft Start/Soft Stop operation that reduces noise and stress on the door by cleverly adjusting speed at the start and end of each cycle

• Intelligent Sensitivity System (ISS) reacts to door obstructions to minimise the risk of damage to people, pets and property

• TrioCode™ multi-frequency coding system using three frequencies to overcome the increasing problem of interference within your neighbourhood

• TrioCode™ code hopping technology to generate a new random code with each use.

• Up to three TrioCode™ Key ring Transmitters provided

• DC powered motor - choose the right opener with torque to suit your door

• Battery Backup and SmartSolar™ solar charging options for operation when or where mains power is unavailable

• ALPS (Automatic Limits Positioning System) that makes for millimetre perfect stops at the desired open and close positions

• Pre-assembled C-Rail for clean, safe installation and softer operation – available in a super quiet aluminium

• Courtesy Light that illuminates with each cycle, and can operate separately from the door

• Garador™ PG-3 Programmer integration, allows service professionals to swiftly service and upgrade your opener with the latest operating firmware and advanced functions

• Customisable operating modes that provide greater flexibility for your garage, including Vacation Mode and Pet & Pedestrian Mode

 7. Smartphone Control Kit

The Garador Smart Phone Control Kit allows you to operate your garage door from your phone, wherever you happen to be. That means anywhere in the world! As long as you have cellular and WiFi connection and availability.

The Smartphone Control Kit operates via our easy to use App, giving you secure access to your home. You can monitor your garage door 24/7 and receive notifications when anyone uses your door.

 8. Safety Measures

The garage door is the largest moving object in a home and a failure could cause serious injury. With this thought of utmost importance, Garador incorporates some of the most advanced safety features into our garage doors and openers.

Infra-red safety Beam

Number one for safety considerations, an infra-red safety beam signals the door opener when anything moves in its path. This means that if your child or pet runs under the door while it is closing, the door will stop and reverse before making contact. Safety infra-red beams can be fitted to all Garador openers as an optional extra.

Garador recommends the use of safety infra-red beams on all automatic garage doors.

Entry Keypad

This is a great solution for the whole family. No need to worry about transmitters or keys being left behind at the bus stop or sports field! Family members need only remember their pin number to gain access to the garage.

 9. Made locally from NZ Steel

Every Garador Garage Door is made to measure, right here in New Zealand, from New Zealand Steel. The steel is roll-formed in a variation of gauges, depending on the model you choose, from the entry-level Newport at 0.4BMT to the seriously robust Sierra, boasting 0.95BMT. Our diverse selection of profiles conveniently complements the design of your home.

 10. Insulation Available on our Insulated Series

Did you know that you can choose an insulated garage door? Garador’s Insulated Series offers a choice of door styles, each backed by our Graphite infused insulation.

Graphite is actually infused into the EPS, making it absorb infrared energy and reflect heat more efficiently than standard EPS. This means you get a product with better insulation performance. This superior product is backed with Mulflute in a carbon-grey finish, so the interior of your door also looks stylishly smart.

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