What are the parts of my garage door?

What are the parts of my garage door?

If you use the garage every day to leave and enter your home, your garage door is probably opening and closing at least 1500 times each year. You’re highly dependent on its operation, but do you know how a garage door works?

When you understand the working parts of your garage door you can better identify worn-out hardware, understand when you require garage door maintenance or repairs, and communicate more effectively with garage door specialists. Let’s get to know your garage door a bit better.

Parts of a Garador Sectional Garage Door


1. Springs

A typical garage door has between one and four springs. Maintenance: If accessible, wipe over with an oily rag. It is natural for springs to lose tension. Should the door become hard to operate or completely inoperative, contact your local Garador dealer, or call the Garador dealer who installed your door. DO NOT attempt to adjust springs.

2. Disengage Rope / Lever

Use the rope or lever to disengage your automatic garage door opener if there is a power cut.

3. Belt or Chain

Used to drive the garage door opener. New garage doors use a belt, older models may use a chain. Chains can be lubricated with chain lube.

4. Automatic Opener / Motor

Please DO NOT attempt to wash your automatic opener, it will void the warranty and could cause electrocution.

5. Cable Drums

Cables run from the drums to the bottom of the garage door. These cables are under extreme tension, DO NOT touch the drums or the cables. If there is any sign of fraying or corrosion, contact your local approved Garador dealer

6. Guide Tracks 

Tracks run up the sides of the garage door and along the ceiling to assist with movement and support the garage door when open and closed. Check for dust and grit but do not use grease or oil on the guide tracks.

7. Hinges

Hinges allow the sections to bend and retract as the door opens and closes. Rollers run in the guides through the side hinges.
If steel hinges are fitted: Sparingly lubricate with all-purpose machine oil. 
If plastic hinges are fitted: No lubrication is generally required, however silicon spray may be used if necessary.

8. Panels

Pressed, ribbed or flat steel panels form the main body of your garage door. Wash the outside regularly with water and a soft-bristled brush or a sponge. Dust the inside as needed.

9. Placement of Door Lock - for manually operated garage doors

The lock does not require special maintenance, however if the key becomes stiff, a spray lubricant is recommended. Do not grease the lock.

10. Windows

Available on Camden, Aspen, Newport, Allegra, Grange and Statesman.

Ongoing preventative servicing is an important part of garage door maintenance, to ensure that your door will continue to function within factory specifications, reducing the risk of failure and repair bills down the track. Not only does regular servicing improve the longevity of your garage door, but it's also a requirement of the warranty.

For professional service and advice on your Garador Garage Door, call GARADOR on 0800 000 661, book a service or repair for your garage door or find your nearest local Garador dealer here.


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