4 Signs a New Zealand Garage Door Needs to Be Replaced

4 Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Replaced
The garage door is most probably the largest moving object in your home. It’s also used very frequently - sometimes more often than the front door. If you notice any of these warning signs, take heed. For the sake of safety and security, now may be the time to upgrade or replace your garage door and/or opener.
Changes in Speed

A garage door is not designed to open all the way at speed, but it should respond without hesitation. If your garage door shows signs of slowing down on opening or closing or if you’re noticing delays, then it might be time to look at replacing it. Take note that if the motor is on its way out, the door might not be far behind.

Tip: If replacing your garage door and opener, why not consider adding a Smartphone kit? All you need to do is tap your phone to control your garage door, even away from home. Note: Operation is based on your wi-fi network. 

Odd Noises

Noticing a change in the way the door sounds when being used? This isn’t just annoying, it’s a sign that something isn’t quite right. Perhaps the door needs a clean or servicing. It’s important to keep your garage door serviced regularly, not only to keep it running smoothly for longer but to maintain a valid warranty.

Loud sounds should not be ignored, they could be a sign of something seriously wrong with the door which could pose a safety risk if not investigated.

Whether there’s a change in the sound of your door on the track or coming from the opener or loud inexplicable noise coming from the garage door, it might be time to replace it. At the very least you would be wise to seek advice from a technician.

Tip: All Garador Garage Door Openers feature an exceptionally quiet belt rail as standard.

Gaps and Malfunction

Ill-fitting garage doors with locks that no longer work, roller doors that don’t want to stay open, tilt doors with a tendency to slam shut, are all disasters waiting to happen. 

With the garage being a regular entrance to the home and a place that often houses some of the most valuable items we own, it’s common sense that the garage door should be secure and operational. 

Gaps forming at the sides of a garage door show that it is warped or dented. Any gap that a crowbar can fit into is an opportunity for a thief to take advantage of. Likewise, locks that have rusted or are simply not used provide a means to enter your garage and by default, your house.

Even more importantly, your garage door should operate reliably to ensure the safety of everyone using it. Any door that doesn’t stay open is a safety hazard to people and pets, as well as defeating its purpose. 

Tip: To reduce the chance of injury to persons and damage to property, the Garador range of Garage Door Openers all contain an important Intelligent Safety System (ISS) that either stops or reverses the door if contact is made with an obstruction while moving.

Dilapidated Appearance

Garage doors take a bit of a beating throughout their life, being exposed to the weather and used frequently. Over time, older garage doors will show signs of deterioration that can affect the overall curb appeal of your home. An old garage door might bring down the look of the home but on the plus side, replacing the garage door might be all it takes to give the home an exciting facelift. Is it time to bring your home’s facade up to date?

Tip: Don’t settle for second-rate steel. Garador garage doors are made from New Zealand Colorsteel® which has been shown to outperform some imported steels in a controlled UV fade test.

Safety and security are essential functions of a garage door. For your peace of mind, make sure it’s a Garador.

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