Here Comes the New Zealand Flex-A-Door to Replace Tilt Doors

Here Comes Flex-A-Door to Replace Tilt Doors

If it’s tilting on its own axis, if you’ve had to move the car way too many times to get the door open, or you’ve got more leaves and grit inside the garage than out, it might be time to re-think your tilt-opening garage door. Garador’s Flex-A-Door®, a clever combination of a roller and a sectional garage door, solves those issues in one smart and stylish package.

For garages and carports with restricted headroom, the Flex-A-Door® is the reliable and tidy solution. The Flex A-Door® features the famous Garador Roll-A-Door® curtain, which Kiwis have relied on to open their garage doors for over 50 years. Fitted on a curving track, the curtain lifts from a vertical position into a horizontal position close to the ceiling, so you get more space inside and outside the garage. Park up close to the door on either side and you’ll be able to open it without risk of hitting anything - or anyone!

Below are five more great reasons to choose Garador's Flex-A-Door®:

1. User-Friendly
The limited head room required gives more options in those situations where height is restricted. The Flex-A-Door® can be left open at any height, for extra convenience - and fresh air. Flex-A-Door® combines perfectly with the Garador Focus Opener, though if you’re not ready to commit to an automatic opener, Flex-A-Door® can be manually operated. Nylofelt® running strips provide an effortless sliding action year after year.

2. Good Looks
Garador’s Roll-A-Door® curtain boasts a clean, neat appearance and its hidden extension spring is uncluttered and tidy. It is fabricated from pre-painted Colorsteel®, in an extensive colour range to suit any exterior. The Flex-A-Door® sits behind the opening, meaning it can be fitted to openings with unusual shapes such as arches, etc. In situations where Flex-A-Door® and Roll-A-Door® are in close proximity, the two doors match.

3. Weather Tight
All Garador garage doors are made from quality, pre-painted steel to stand up to the extremes of the New Zealand climate. Flex-A-Door® is fitted with a weather seal, with deep cushioning to help restrict leaves and water from entering the garage. The seal also reduces any gaps caused by uneven flooring. Draughts are reduced with a retractable infill panel that moves with the door, covering any gaps as the door moves open or closed. With the Roll-A-Door® curtain running on a track behind the opening, the door won’t blow shut in the wind like a tilt door can, and the Flex-A-Door also restricts wind coming through the sides which can be a problem with tilting doors.

4. Smooth, Quiet and Strong
Flex-A-Door® features Nylofelt® running strips and nylon rollers with bearings for a quiet and effortless sliding action year after year. The springs are designed to exceed the Australian Standard for garage doors, which is 20,000 cycles. Garador’s Roll-A-Door® steel curtain provides a more rigid, stronger garage door.

5. Safe and Secure
The extension springs on Flex-A-Door® are enclosed and above head hight, to keep them well out of reach of children. There are no moving brackets or door supports which could pose a risk to small fingers and arms. The waist-height lock is conveniently placed, with an internal turn knob for easier operation. The 6 wafter lock barrel design features a sturdy locking mechanism that is highly pick-resistant. Flex-A-Door® can be manually operated, for further peace of mind.

Would you like to know more about Flex-A-Door®? Download a brochure here.

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