Insulated Garage Doors for Comfortable New Zealand Homes

Insulated Garage Doors for Comfortable Homes

Get the use of your garage back with Garador’s Insulated Series

We’ve taken our most popular styles of sectional doors and added a sophisticated insulator used the world over.

If you are serious about insulating your house, we recommend that you also consider insulating your garage door and enjoy the freedom to use your garage around the clock.

Our Graphite infused insulation is an optional extra that offers exceptional insulation technology and represents the smart choice for home owners.

Graphite is actually infused into the EPS, making it absorb infrared energy and reflect heat more efficiently than standard EPS. This means you get a product with better insulation performance. This superior product is backed with Mulflute in a carbon-grey finish, so the interior of your door also looks stylishly smart.

Whilst we know that not every Kiwi garage is home to band practice, we do know that activities and projects that take place in there can be very noisy. Did you know that by adding a layer of insulation to your garage door, you can help to keep the noise in?^

How Graphite Infused Insulation works

Graphite Infused EPS insulation panels absorb infrared energy and reflect heat providing up to 20% better insulation performance than traditional EPS. They also contain no harmful CFCs or HCFCs.#

Of course, the front of the door still features the same exceptional quality and finish you can expect from a Garador Garage Door. If you are looking to build or renovate, insulation is the smart option to give your home the flexibility to fit your lifestyle. Check out the range now:

# Source: Neopor Insulation Technology
^ Source: Predictive figures from ‘Acoustic Logic’ test

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