Garage Door repair: the difference that professionals make

Benefits of Professional Garage Door Repair | New Zealand

A reliable garage door is a worthwhile investment in a safe and well-protected home. Making the most of your investment requires exacting installation and regular maintenance but unfortunately, a lot of homeowners skip out on garage door repairs and inspections. After all, as long as your sectional, roller, or Flex-A-Door door opens and closes, it may be tempting to ignore niggling issues and assume that everything is working just fine. That may be the case, however regular garage door repair and maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your garage door and helps to uphold its warranty conditions. 

Here are a few key points to consider regarding garage door repair.

Look out for small signs of larger issues

A properly functioning garage door shouldn't be overly noisy, and it should open and close steadily. The opener should be responsive, meaning there should not be a delay between pressing the opener button and the door beginning to move. 


It makes sense to protect your investment in a garage door. Above, Garador's Nevada.

If you notice excessive noise, issues with opening and closing or stilted response, dents or misalignment between the door and its frame, it’s time to seek professional repairs.

Minor garage door problems can eventually turn into bigger issues, especially if you continue to open and close the door several times a day. A trusted garage door specialist will let you know if there are any areas of concern and help to keep costs down, but the sooner you seek advice, the better. Most minor repairs will be covered in the cost of a regular service, adding up to a small amount over many years of reliable garage door operation.


Considering a garage door is such a huge moving object, it's safest to trust its care to the professionals. Above, Garador's Aspen.

Choose professional over DIY 

While it’s wise to clean and check your garage door regularly, any further work should be left to professionals. Considering the fact that your garage door is a very large moving object, safety is of the utmost importance and a failure of the door could cause serious injury.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADJUST SECTIONAL GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS - they are under extreme tension and failure could cause serious injury.

As well as putting yourself and anyone else using the door at risk, you could do further damage to your garage door if you’re not sure what you’re doing, so calling in the experts for any of your concerns is your best bet. A professional repairer can diagnose any issues with your door and give you an estimate on repairs, so you can make the right decision between repair or replacement.


Above, left: Nevada (image courtesy of Gisborne Garage Door Centre); right: Camden

Adopt a maintenance schedule

All things considered, should garage doors be serviced annually? Most garage door specialists recommend regular professional maintenance on garage door systems within 12 months of installation and then every two years thereafter. Your Garador Opener will even remind you when a service is due. 


Wash the garage door down at least quarterly with water and a soft cloth. Do not clean the motor (Opener) with anything but a damp cloth due to the risk of electric shock. 

Otherwise, why not make a habit of checking over your garage door at every change of season, then set yourself a calendar reminder to book a service every couple of years? It’s the least you can do to ensure the best value for money from your garage door and opener. In a lot of cases, regular servicing is a condition of garage door and opener warranties.

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