Garador's Rolling Farm Shed Doors

Garador's Rolling Farm Shed Doors

The farm shed industry is on a roll and Garador’s Roller Door options are just the ticket for smooth opening, durability against the elements and protection of the gear inside. Rolling doors provide the solution for sheds and storage areas where every centimetre counts because of the minimal space required above the opening for the door curtain to fit into whilst open. Not only does a rolling garage door take up less space inside, but it also allows you to achieve the maximum opening height for your building.


Top left, bottom left & bottom right images courtesy of Gisborne Garage Door Centre

When it comes to the large doors required for farm sheds and industrial facilities, we have a couple of options that cover the bases. Our Series 2 Traditional Industrial Roller Doors cover openings up to 5000mm high and 4900mm wide, while our Series 3 Semi-Industrial Roller Doors suit openings up to 3300mm high and 4800 wide. Let’s look at the various features of each.


Garador Series 2 and Series 3 doors feature a continuous brake pressed steel curtain

Crossover Features of Series 2 and Series 3 Roller Doors
  • The continuous brake pressed steel curtain profile of both series 2 and 3 matches, making it easy to create a seamless look for buildings with multiple door sizes.
  • An aluminium bottom rail features a weatherstrip to provide added protection against dirt, leaves and weather
  • The pressed steel curtain prevents penetration of moisture and dust, helping to minimise corrosion of the equipment inside
  • Our rolling doors not only look attractive, they’re low maintenance too. Choose from our extensive range of Colorsteel® prepainted colours for the perfect match to your building.


Series 2 Traditional Industrial

Strong, easy to operate and weather resistant, our Series 2 roller doors come in your choice of thick 0.55BMT prepainted Colorsteel.

Garador's Series 2 is suitable for openings from 2400mm to 5000mm in height and 2400mm to 4900mm wide

Suggested opener match:

Our heavy-duty GDO-12 Hiro™ opener will do the job for years. The 400N DC motor has ample pulling power and can manage multiple TrioCode™ 128-bit secure transmitters.


Series 3 Semi Industrial

Nylofelt cushioning makes for ease of opening and quiet operation, suiting a variety of rural and industrial situations. Strong 0.4BMT Colorsteel provides good looks and protection, yet the door is often still lightweight enough to be manually operated.

Garador's Series 3 is suitable for openings from 2100mm to 3300mm in height and 2400mm to 4800mm wide

Optional Garador opener:

The Toro GDO-10 comes standard with built-in battery backup and a wall-mounted LCD control panel that can programme a variety of operating modes. A heavy-duty 1000N DC motor provides the pulling power and soft start / soft stop reduces stress on the door.


The Colorsteel® range of prepainted steel options

Ready to get rolling with an industrial or semi-industrial rolling garage door? Speak with your local Garador Dealer, or book a FREE measure & quote here.

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