New Zealand Sliding and Swing Gate Openers

New Zealand Sliding and Swing Gate Openers

Having a gated property has multiple benefits such as security, privacy, keeping out ‘gatecrashers’, tidiness, keeping your children and animals in and giving the property a distinct boundary. The downside? Opening said gate! It’s Garador’s automated openers for residential gates to the rescue, with robust, reliable gate openers to suit a huge variety of gates protecting New Zealand homes.

Sliding Gate Openers - NeoSlider™ 500 and NeoSlider™ 800

These powerful sliding gate units utilise robust mechanics and clever electronics to bring you reliable and secure gate openers over a range of sizes and weights, up to 800kg and 8m wide!

Clever features include soft stop and soft start and obstruction detection and every NeoSlider™ comes with a two year, 5000 cycle warranty. The openers employ a variety of operating modes like vacation mode and pedestrian access, as well as custom settings with numerous inputs to interface with intercoms and other auxiliary devices.

As with our garage door openers, the NeoSlider™ 500 & NeoSlider™ 800 are compatible with a wide range of accessories such as safety beams for peace of mind and backlit, wireless digital keypads for convenient, secure access. Battery back up and SmartSolar packages are available for remote locations.

Certainly not the least of the optional extras is Garador’s Smartphone Control Kit. Operate and Monitor your gate via an app on your Smartphone! The kit allows you to view the status of your gate, control it from anywhere*, receive notifications when the gate is in use or has an obstruction, control more than one location, and more.

* subject to WiFi connection and availability.

NeoSlider™ 500 is perfect for residential sliding gates up to a weight of 500kg and a width of 6m. This powerful unit will operate most residential gates in NZ.

NeoSlider™ 800 is the heavy duty sliding gate opener for residential gates weighing up to 800kg and up to 8m wide. Typically used for gates with cladding or made of heavy material, it allows you to match the look of your gate to your preferred design.



Swing Gate Opener - Elite® SGO-1

An unassuming-looking opener that features a powerful DC motor linked to a robust, low maintenance gearbox. Articulated arms provide a smooth, consistent opening action which reduces stress on the gate, motor and mounting points. Highly effective micro switch limits reduce complexity and enhance longevity.

The Elite® Swing Gate Opener features soft start / soft stop, security lockout and is robustly weather resistant, built for New Zealand’s extreme conditions. Elite® comes with a two year, 5000 cycle warranty for your peace of mind.

An optional minimum sideroom kit allows for fitting the Elite® even in tight situations where there is little space between the fully open gates and an adjacent fence or wall.

Other options include our DCB-05 Gate Control System which provides a host of operating modes and variations. This in turn allows you to upgrade with battery backup, Smart Solar and a backlit, wireless digital keypad for convenient, secure access. 

Garador’s Elite® Swing Gate Opener is suitable for residential gates up to 300kg in weight and up to 4m in width. Available with single or dual gate option.




Garador’s gate opening solutions give you the peace of mind that comes with reliability, security and ease of use. Download a brochure or contact one of our experienced dealers nationwide, for more information.



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