2 New Colours Added to Our New Zealand Garage Door Range

2 New Colours Added to Our Garage Door Range

Choosing a colour can be the hardest part of deciding on your new garage door.

Garador feels it is important to give you as wider choice of popular colours as possible when you are thinking about your new steel sectional garage door and for that reason we have added two new in-demand colours to our standard steel colour range.

The new colours are FlaxPod® and Windsor Grey, part of the latest COLORSTEEL® colour offering from New Zealand Steel. Both are now available across Garador’s entire range of reliable pre-painted steel garage doors so you can have your style and your colour too.

In talking to a number of our larger volume customers, it was apparent that these two colours were becoming increasingly popular with the external colour schemes of modern homes.” Says Marketing Manager, Paul McKenzie.

With garage doors taking up to a third of the road frontage of most houses, colour choice can make a huge impact on the street appeal of your home. By providing the widest standard colour choice available, Garador helps ensure you can attain the look you want without costing the earth.” He says.

So what’s the best way to choose the colour of your garage door?

Generally, the Garage Door colour will match the roof, windows or spouting colour of your house to blend in seamlessly with the overall look and feel of your home. Or, you can let it can take a prominent role in partnership with your front door and stand out in contrast. This can be a tough choice but one that can pay off and result in a huge amount of ‘curb appeal’.

Garador’s standard range of popular roof colours are stocked as pre-painted steel coils ready to make your garage door once you give the go ahead. However, if you want a more daring colour scheme, we can help with a wide range of premium powder coatings available as an option to give you even more flexibility in getting the colour you want.

For more information on how to choose from our great range of standard steel colours, find your local Garador Dealer to go and look at actual swatches of our colours to see if they are the perfect match for your home’s new colour scheme.

You can also download our current Colour Guide here.

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