Easy Steps to Renovating an Old New Zealand Garage

Easy Steps to Renovating a Crusty Old Garage

The Garage Door
A new garage door can make a big difference to the appeal of your garage. Minimise draughts and increase security with a reliable, custom built, steel garage door from Garador. Choose from our insulated series for an extra layer of protection from heat exchange. If clearance space is an issue, Garador’s Flex-A-Door and opener can be installed with just 70mm minimum headroom! The colours and styles available allow for endless combinations, giving you a design to enhance your home from the outside, while doing its job year after year.

The Garage Floor
Often the easiest part of the garage to update, an improved garage floor can have the biggest impact. Clear out your garage (check out our blog on spring cleaning the garage) give the floor a great clean and then consider a floor covering.

Above: Floor coverings can make a huge difference to your garage, just be sure you don’t cut corners with safety.

Removing Oil and Grease Spots
1. Cover grease stains with a layer of sawdust or cat litter. Leave it on the floor for at least one day to absorb excess oil.
2. Use a push broom with rigid bristles to sweep up the sawdust, cat litter and dirt.
3. Pour dry dishwasher detergent or a concrete cleaning agent on the stain. Let the detergent sit for 45 minutes, then pour boiling water on the area and vigorously scrub the stained section with the broom.
4. For more stubborn stains, use a specialised concrete cleaner in combination with your pressure sprayer.

Removing Rust Stains
Trisodium phosphate (TSP) and hot water can remove rust spots. Wet the concrete and use a push broom with rigid bristles to scrub. Let the solution soak into the concrete for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Floor covering
If selecting paint for your garage floor, make sure to choose an epoxy paint created especially for garage floors. Mix the paint well and apply a thin, even first coat. Cut in along the edges of your garage with a brush and then use a roller with a medium nap to apply the rest of the paint. Let the first coat dry thoroughly (about 24 hours) before applying further coats.

Many large retailers offer DIY epoxy garage floor kits, and there are numerous online tutorials to back them up. It’s imperative to follow manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions.

Carpet tiles can be a great option for the garage. They are usually made of polypropylene or olefin synthetic fibre. This material is resistant to staining, abrasion, UV fading, mould and mildew. Importantly, it is fire resistant and has a tendency to melt when exposed to flame or intense heat instead of catching fire. Available in a modular interlocking tile or as a peel and stick design, carpet tiles will give your floor the comfort of carpet while still offering good resistance to staining and some chemicals.

Please Note: Normal house carpet isn’t suitable for the garage floor - it can create mould and mildew issues, it is tough to clean properly, and it breaks down from automotive fluids. It’s also a fire hazard, just imagine any petrol or turps residue coming into contact with sparks and you can understand why residential carpet is not a good idea.

If you can afford to have the floor professionally recovered, the results are often worth the extra cost.

Wall Linings and Insulation
Lining the garage walls makes a big difference to heat transfer in and out. Insulating the walls takes it a step further. An insulated garage door will be the finishing glory! Check out the range in Garador’s insulated series.

Some great examples of the potential in a garage.

Add Storage
Standalone shelving kits come in a huge range of sizes and styles - be sure to secure them to the wall for safety.

Search out bolt-free, snap lock shelving that uses only a rubber mallet to put together.

Check out our blog post on garage storage for great storage ideas.

Another blog on organisation ideas here.

Some decent lighting in the garage will make it a lot more enticing if you plan to spend time there - or if you want to find things you’ve stored! 

A cheap and easy way to add lighting without an electrician is to use industrial cage lighting. You can use hooks to suspend the light wherever you like and you get the trendy ‘industrial edge’ to boot.

Recycle that old lamp you cleared out from the corner and put it to use providing extra light in the garage. Lamp kits can be purchased at large retailers. Don’t try to repair anything electrical unless you are qualified.

Second Income Jobs you can do from a Garage
Check out our blog post with inspiration for creating income from your newly re-vamped garage.

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