Colours to make your Garage Door Pop!

Colours to make your Garage Door Pop!

Making decisions about costly items such as a new garage door can be daunting, you really don't want to get it wrong so it pays to do your homework. Garador's range offers the ultimate in reliability, affordability and advanced capability for residential garage doors, with backup service from a network of more than 30 nationwide dealers

When deciding on a colour for your garage door, Garador comes to the fore with options to delight and inspire you. Our Colorsteel® range offers up to 18 shades that are all available for most doors in our range. If you'd like to step into the kaleidoscope, try the almost endless variety of powder-coated colour options. 

For your inspiration, we have collated a selection of images and tips on choosing a colour for your garage door along with some fun "facts" about colours and what they say about you.


Some people love playing with colour and design elements and others can't stand it. How bold could you go?

Tips for being bold with colour

Take care when working with an existing focal point. If you’ve used a bold statement colour for your front door, the same colour could be a little too much if used on the garage door. Perhaps pick out one of the trim colours for the garage door, or match tonally with the front door in a lighter shade.

However, if you want both the garage door and the front door to be the same bold colour, it can look incredible! The chosen shade should be carefully considered so as not to overwhelm the overall aesthetic. Blue, black, red and grey tones can work really well in this instance.

Perhaps the rest of your home is fairly neutral and the garage door is your chance for a bit of fun? Try a bright pop of colour in your favourite shade with Garador’s powder-coated steel colour options. You’ll find a match to almost any colour from the huge range on offer

Matchy-matchy or Colour Pop?

You could match your garage doors to your house. This helps your garage blend with your home, and can make your house look bigger! You can also paint the trim surrounding your garage door to match the door, creating a seamless, almost hidden garage.

Or, you could create a whole effect by selecting a new colour for your garage door. Sometimes, people play a little safe with house colours, choosing the easiest option or repainting with the same colour to avoid having to apply multiple coats. If you'd like to inject a little personality into your colour scheme, choosing a contrasting colour for your garage door can be a great way to go. Make your home stand out from the others on the street with a pop of colour and it's actually pretty hard to go wrong.

Perhaps staying within the range of your existing colour palette feels right to you. It's easy to match your roof or trim colour with Garador's Colorsteel® options. Or, try going tonal by choosing a lighter or darker shade of your roof or trim colour which adds interest and an almost textural element.


Inject some colour. Clockwise from above, left: Sierra in TidalDrift® Matte; Newport in Grey Friars, Statesman in Smooth Cream, Aspen in Surfmist.

Match your garage door colour to your personality. 

Do certain colours evoke particular moods for you? Here's a fun way to consider colours for your home and garage door:


Bright and crisp, white shows off your driveway beautifully. The colour white usually signifies the desire for perfection and the wish for simplicity. It may also symbolise cleanliness, safety, and goodness, which means that you love to have a clean and organised environment around you – and your car.

Although they look super crisp and beautiful, white garage doors show dirt, so if you live in an area with a lot of dust, mud or harsh weather, be prepared to wash your white garage door frequently.


Associated with caution and compromise, grey easily blends into the background. Blending in doesn’t mean being invisible; this colour simply means you know when to keep your most lively aspects under wraps. Grey is also associated with having a good business ability. Matches well with modern cladding and natural materials such as stone.

Grey will suit many different architectural styles, consider different shades for tonal variation.


Dark and groovy. Clockwise from above, left: match this door using Sierra in Flaxpod Matte; achieve a similar look with Aspen in Ebony; Aspen looks awesome in Ebony; dark and stormy Newport stands out in Ironsand.


Black garage doors are modern and elegant, like their owners. Dignified and cool, black represents a hidden depth that you show only to your loved ones. Black also points to your efficient nature, as black garage doors are easier to clean and maintain. 

Black can fit in with almost any style of home but watch for situations where it could be a harsh contrast.


This colour symbolises patience and stamina, matching your tactful approach to life. Brown garage doors also point towards a headstrong personality and give your garage door the look of luxury. 

Great to match with brick and natural materials, brown garage doors work well to ramp up the feeling of quality on a simple home design.


Garador's Colorsteel® range has plenty of scope for choosing something out of the ordinary.


Vitality, strength, and health are associated with the colour red. Red garage doors make a real statement, hold positive symbolism and suggest an outgoing and impulsive nature. Use a red garage door to be welcoming, draw the eye and give your home a bold look.

Matches well with brick or white weatherboard. A red garage door is a great way to stand out in an area where a lot of the homes are similar in design.


Blue indicates introspection, patience, compassion and sensitivity and can be associated with a steady character and wisdom. On a garage door, bright blue means that you aren’t afraid of mixing tradition with innovation, and it catches the sky and sea beautifully.

A blue garage door looks great matched to the roof. To take it up a notch, consider a bright or dark shade to create depth and texture.


Colour is a sure cure for the blues! Left, Statesman; right, Grange.

We hope you enjoyed this fun guide to selecting a pop of colour for your garage door. For a professional opinion specific to your home and tastes, give us a call on 0800 754 000 or click here to find your local dealer.

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