Choosing the Perfect Colour for your Garage Door

Choosing a Great Colour for your Garage Door

Do you like your colours to match or to compliment each other? Would you like a garage door that blends into the background or makes an impact on the street? Perhaps you want to tell friends “Look for the house with the orange garage door”!

With Garador your options are practically limitless. 

Start with the Best Base

For all our garage doors, Garador uses COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel, made locally by New Zealand Steel. Colour performance is an important part of a garage door’s longevity and New Zealand made painted product consistently achieves the best colour durability results. If you’re unsure of whether the colour will match, you can request a painted steel colour swatch from your Garador dealer to help.

For those more uncommon colour choices, you can find the best match for your colour scheme with powder coated steel. As the largest powder supplier in Australia and New Zealand, Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings offers a wide range of stock and custom-made powder coating colours and technologies. 

The 'match' does not necessarily mean matching to your wall colour, it can be the roof, the trim, a version of the wall colour, or a completely different, standout feature colour. The garage door opens up opportunities to have a little fun with your colour scheme.

Below, you can see the statement a simple black garage door can make on totally different architectural designs.

Below, Garador's Aspen takes on different looks, depending on what it is matched with.

Here we see two homes, each using a garage door colour to blend with the overall colour scheme:

Below we see the simple lines of Garador's Newport, taking on various looks as it is matched with trim to create a feature, used tonally alongside a rich wall colour and matched with the front door to create a bold but very cost-effective design statement.

Statesman itself is a garage door with plenty of personality, but in a bold shade of blue, is quite the showoff!

Garador’s range boasts COLORSTEEL® colours as standard, with the option to use Dulux Powder coatings to open up to 100 extra colours to choose from.

Are you ready to make an outstanding colour choice? Download our colour brochure here, or request a free measure and quote.

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