Five more garage hacks for New Zealand garages

5 more garage hacks for New Zealand garages

Having a tough time with your messy and cluttered garage? We’re here to help make your garage space as functional as possible with five more genius garage hacks. Ranked from simplest to requiring a few more skills and materials, most of these hacks can be achieved without spending more than a few minutes and a few dollars.

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1. Chalk it up

When you’ve got the storage shelves in place, do you still have a mass of boxes and bins with no idea what is stored in them? This clever idea utilises the shelves for labelling and it’s easy, cheap and non-permanent.

Paint the edges of your shelves with chalkboard paint, then keep a jar of chalk at hand to label what’s stored on the shelves and in boxes and bins. This is also a handy way to note dates when storing preserves or your household emergency kit. When it’s time to change the dates or swap your stored winter coats for beach towels, just remove the chalk with a damp cloth and write a new label.


2. By hook

This garage hack helps you to store odd and bulky items that couldn’t be simply housed within your conventional garage shelving by smartly utilising walls and overhead space. 

Simply purchase a selection of large screw-in hooks, attach them to your ceiling beams and mount anything ranging from bikes to fishing rods. Of course, take necessary safety precautions and make sure you’re not over-burdening the hooks.

Similarly, use strategically-placed hooks for storage on walls. Buy hooks in all shapes and sizes from hardware stores to conveniently hang bikes, ladders, boogie boards, scooters, paddleboards, skis and more.

Bikes can be hung vertically from the ceiling or along the wall using simple, large hooks. Specifically designed bike hanging solutions are also widely available.

Store fishing rods and long items up high out of the way with a budget DIY storage system. The clever hack below is simply made from two parallel rows of large ceiling hooks screwed to the ceiling - done!


3. Pipe Dreams

Got more tool handles than you can handle? Got a stack of power tools tucked out of the way and difficult to get your hands on? What about those long pieces of pipe, rods and odd tent poles leaning in corners of the garage? Corral them all in PVC pipe as per our pics. 

Here’s a handy tutorial to help you create a simple holster to keep power tools ready at hand when you need them. 


4. Kitchen Cabinets

Updating your kitchen? Upcycle existing cabinets by transferring them to the garage to use as practical and streamlined storage. If your garage is not insulated, allow for damp conditions by first priming the garage wall with protective paint or mount a sheet of plastic between the garage wall and wooden cabinets. 

If you’re not renovating but still want to make use of this handy garage hack, try sourcing old kitchen cabinets from second-hand trade sites, garage sales and community pages.


5. Build a folding bench

Workspace is usually at a premium in the garage and needs often change, so here’s a brilliant solution. A fold-down workbench is a fantastic way to add counter space to a narrow area. Fold the bench down to work on your projects then tuck it away to save on floor space when not in use. 


Here’s a great video tutorial. This one includes a built-in storage area.

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