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If you’re planning a new build or upgrading to a new garage door, you’ll find that your options have expanded considerably since the old days of choosing either roller or tilt! Your choices now take the whole look of your home into consideration, as well as offering technology, security and functionality that brings peace of mind along with convenience and value for money.

Garador offers the complete range of options from the latest in residential trends - the sectional steel door - to designer glass doors, a tilt/roller hybrid and of course the old faithful rolling door in sizes from mini-warehouse to industrial powerhouse. For those needing to replace existing garage doors with limited space, we also make tilting garage doors with many optional extras available. 

• Garador’s range is made here in New Zealand from NZ Colorsteel® in your choice of 18 shades to complement your home. 

• Colour options are opened up further with powder coating, an optional extra that includes up to 100 stunning colours.

• Steel thickness ranges from 0.55BMT to 0.9BMT, meaning Garador’s thinnest steel used is actually thicker than the thickest steel some other brands use.

• All Garador products come with generous warranties, make sure you keep your door in good shape to retain validity.

The common denominator for all of our products? Reliability. Let’s look at the different types of garage doors and the benefits of each. 

Clockwise, from top left: Aspen, Nevada, Sierra

Sectional Garage Doors

With the broadest range for residential doors, sectional steel garage doors are comprised of panel sections connected by hinges that roll inside a curved vertical track to open and close. The door sits parallel to the ceiling when open, maximising space inside and outside the garage. Sectional steel garage doors provide high levels of security and are extremely low maintenance. 

Panel widths of Garador’s sectional doors vary from wide, flat panels (see Aspen, Sierra, Nevada and the medium-width panelled Allegra) to a thinner panel effect created by folds that also work to aid in strengthening the door (Camden and Newport). A more traditional look is created by raised pressings in rectangular shapes - check out Grange and Statesman. All doors are made to measure here in New Zealand, for a perfect fit every time.

Options vary from door to door and include smooth or woodgrain finish, windows and insulation. Sizes range from one- to two-car garages, accommodating large and small openings alike. See the full range of Garador Sectional Steel Garage Doors here and our Insulated Series here.

Clockwise, from top left: Allegra, Newport, Camden

Designer Garage Doors

Another sectional design, this one is built for wow factor yet still provides security and reliability with plenty of options. Garador’s VL Designer Door features a powder coated industrial-strength aluminium frame, allowing a huge range of colour options in a hardwearing finish. Panels can be made from glass or acrylic, with an exciting range of options such as coloured, patterned or mirrored finish, giving you the freedom to be outlandish, discreet, or enviously stylish. Unique good looks do not mean that security is sacrificed, the design of the frame prevents removal of panel inserts once the door is assembled and each door is made to measure, meaning it will perfectly fit the size of the opening.

Modern, high-end homes are best suited to a designer garage door, take a closer look here.

Clockwise, from top left: Statesman, VL Designer Door, Grange

Roller Garage Doors

With the advent of new garage door styles like sectional and designer garage doors, rolling doors are not as popular for residential applications as they once were. However, they’re still the most popular garage door used in commercial applications and can be the best choice in situations where there is not enough headroom for a sectional garage door. On opening the door rolls up into the area directly above the door space. Roller doors are famous for their ease of use and super-toughness, helped by Garador’s pressed ‘square-line’ profile which reduces deflection in the door curtain caused by wind pressure. With Garador you also get smooth, safe operation, the benefits of NZ steel and additional security features. 

All our roller doors are precision manufactured to measure, delivering the perfect fit required. See the features of a Garador Rolling Garage Door in more detail here. For heavy-duty requirements please see Garador’s extensive industrial garage door range here.

Above, left: Who said roller doors are outdated? Right: Garador's Flex-A-Door combines the best of tilt and rolling doors.


For garages that struggle to accommodate a sectional door, Garador has developed a hybrid door that combines the features of rolling and tilting garage doors, incorporating the best of each. The Flex A-Door features the famous Garador Roll-A-Door® curtain, fitted on a curving track, so the curtain lifts from a vertical position up into a horizontal position, close to the ceiling – providing a clean, neat appearance on both the outside and inside. The Flex-A-Door is a great solution for unusual shaped openings such as arches because the door doesn’t protrude. Seeing the door runs on a track, it won’t blow shut like tilting doors are prone to do, nor will it have breezy gaps at the sides. A weather seal with deep cushioning helps to restrict the entry of water and leaves and on slightly uneven floors it reduces the gap for a better fit. The door can also be left partially opened for ventilation, or to let pets in and out. The Flex-A-Door profile matches our Roll-A-Door profile, so when in close proximity, the two doors match.

See more of Garador’s unique Flex-A-Door here.

Garador recommends the use of automatic openers for all of our garage doors. If you’re ready to talk about your new garage door, contact a dealer near you, or book a FREE measure and quote today!

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