Industrial Garage Doors for Every New Zealand Business

Industrial Garage Doors for Every Business

With more than 50 years of garage door manufacturing in New Zealand, Garador knows what works year upon year, smoothly and reliably. So whether you are building a new commercial premises or considering replacing an old door, Garador’s extensive range of door colours, styles and steel thicknesses will provide the solution you need.

Garador has the largest garage door and opener distributor network in the country. Our extensively trained dealers nationwide will help you through the steps to selecting the Industrial Roll-A-Door that best suits your needs.

Industrial Roll-A-Doors from Garador have these features as standard

Weather Strip
All doors are fitted with a weather strip across the base. The weather resistant strip features deep cushioning to create an effective seal against wind, leaves and rain water. If the floor is slightly uneven, the weather strip reduces the gap for a better fit.

Tension Strip
Garador Roll-A-Doors feature a galvanised steel tension strip to enhance vertical rigidity. This provides true alignment, ensuring that the door does not become stretched. An important feature in the case of large, industrial-sized doors.

Teflon Coated Edge Strip
The Teflon-coated side edge strip reduces friction, ensuring that the roller door opens quietly, evenly and smoothly, with precise movement through the guides.

Gearing System
Fast and easy operation with minimum effort when opening or closing doors over 3.3m high, with our factory aligned reduction gearing system. This system is available as an optional extra on other door heights.

Galvanised Steel Hub
Perfect balance is achieved via a galvanised steel hub with a nylon bearing, ensuring long life with high repetition use. The computerised spring selection provides consistent balance and reliable ease of operation.

Nylofelt Running Strips
Metal-to-metal contact is eliminated by the nylofelt running strips, making for smooth, quiet, friction-free operation.

Series 1 Mini Warehouse Roll-A-Door
• Durability and security with ease of operation
• Specifically designed locking system accommodating 2 padlocks
• Nylofelt and Roll-A-Guide for smooth, quiet, greaseless operation and less maintenance
• Available in an extensive range of colours, as well as optional mini-storage colours to identify with your brand

Industrial Roll-A-Door Series 2
• Available in a number of configurations to suit sizes from 2400mm to 5000mm in height and 2400mm to 4900mm door widths
• Sizes up to 5000mm high x 4900mm wide for non-windlocked configurations
• Weather resistant and low maintenance
• Available in 20 colours plus Zincalume®
• Smooth, quiet, easy to operate
• Manufactured to a durable, time-tested design
• Push button operation via our heavy-duty GDO-10 Opener (optional)

Optional Wind Locking Guides
Our wind-locking technology incorporates a unique clip design fitted to the edge of every flat on our high wind rolling doors.
When exposed to high wind situations, this clip design ensures the door is held captive in the door track, it reduces the risk of both blow-in and blow-out wind forces, and provides added protection against forced entry.

Semi-Industrial Roll-A-Door Series 3
• Lightweight, easy operation
•Perfect for tight headroom situations or where maximum opening height is important.
• Available in a number of configurations to suit sizes from 2100mm to 3300mm in height and door 2400mm to 4800mm widths.
• Available in 17 colours plus Zincalume®
• Smooth, quiet, easy to operate
• Springs safely concealed
• Manufactured to a durable, time-tested design
• Manual or remote control operation available

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