Summer is on its Way - 5 Jobs to do now!

Summer is on its Way - 5 Jobs to do now!


Prep the lawn now and enjoy a lush cushion underfoot throughout summer.
Aerate by using a fork to make holes at intervals around the lawn. Aerating helps air, water and nutrients penetrate to where they are needed most and promotes healthy formation of the root system.
Rake the lawn to remove any debris that could prevent grass from growing at its best. 
Apply a weed and feed fertiliser to supplement the nutrients in the soil. This helps to keep the grass green and lush. Scale back on fertiliser before the hottest summer days arrive.


Basic garden maintenance will set you up for an easier time over summer. This is a good time to prune dead branches and for general shaping of your trees and shrubs. It’s best to prune evergreens and hedges early, when they begin new growth. It’s advisable to prune most fruit trees in winter when the tree is dormant.
Get those weeds now while the soil is soft and they are easily removed! Weeds tend to rob the soil of precious water and nutrients, so it’s important to keep on top of them.
Mulch to keep the soil cool and protect seedlings. Using compost as mulch will help in several ways—it will keep weeds down, enrich the soil, help keep the soil at a constant temperature, and retain moisture around the plants. Hold mulch back several inches from tree trunks.
Lawn clippings, bark, straw, compost, seaweed all make good mulch.

Looking for ways to improve your curb appeal?

Now is the perfect time to give your garage door a clean and health check.


The garage door performs a very important role in keeping your family and assets safe, it is used daily and operating at its best is a high priority.  Washing your garage door with clean water and a cloth every 14 days is recommended. For a deeper clean, wash the garage door every three to four months (more frequently if you are located close to the sea or geothermal areas) using clean water and a soft brush. Avoid harsh chemicals. Pay particular attention to include the curtain face adjacent to the door head and inside over the top of a roller door. 
Perform a manual test on the door - check that equal effort is required to manually open and close the door.
Maintenance of your Garador garage door and opener is critical to ensuring its smooth, quiet, reliable operation, and in most cases is necessary to ensure your warranty remains valid.
For more advice or to book a service, visit our Service & Repairs page.


You're probably looking forward to the move from kitchen stove to backyard barbie, but how is that hotplate looking? Now is the perfect time for a quick overhaul before the BBQ begins its hard graft over summer.
Safety first: If you have a gas BBQ, check the hose from the gas tank to the burners and make sure it's intact and clean. If there's any build up, clean it off as it can be a fire hazard. If the hose is split or damaged, replace it - dead simple.
For charcoal barbies, check for rust and make sure that all legs are intact and firmly screwed in - the last thing anyone wants is a bowl of red hot coals tumbling over.
Clean it down. Remove all grates and burners and give them a scrub with a wire brush and a damp cloth. Soap can her very hard to rinse off and is not necessary fro this job. You can however run your BBQ tools through the dishwasher. Paint scraping tools can be useful to clean the hotplate.
Ugh, the grease trap. Be sure to pull it out and dump any grossness from last year. For easy clean-up next year, line your grease trap with some sturdy aluminium foil.
Quick test: Before you cook, turn on all the burners and check to see they are all firing with no leaks.

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It’s a tough job but an important one, before summer comes and bakes the debris hard.
Clear the muck and debris from your gutters - your hands are probably the best tool to use. Wear good strong gloves for this purpose. Collect the debris and use it as mulch for the garden or add it to the compost heap.
Check that downpipes are clear. Flush the gutters well with water to ensure no seeds or pollen remain - these are what create gardens in your guttering!
You may want to install gutter guards over the top of the gutters - mesh that rolls into the gutter will only serve to collect more debris.

Once those jobs are done, you can look forward to a great summer, knowing that you've got the basics covered. If you're looking to spruce things up a little more, a new garage door goes a long way to giving your house the best street appeal possible. Book a free measure and quote from a Garador Dealer in your area.

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