How to Soundproof Your New Zealand Garage

How to Soundproof Your New Zealand Garage

Garages are great spaces for enjoying hobbies, but does your favourite pastime involve making a bit of noise? If you live in the ‘burbs, chances are you might not be able to fully express yourself without getting a bad rep’ around the neighbourhood. Fortunately, soundproofing a garage is simpler than you might think. Read on for ideas to suit a range of budget limits.

What do you want the space for?

What you’re planning to do in the garage obviously makes a difference to the level of noise control required to avoid the Noise Control crew turning up.

For example, power tools give out mid to high frequencies while a bass guitar and drum kit give out low frequencies. As some materials are better at blocking certain frequencies than others, you’d use different materials to soundproof a garage workshop to one that’s used as a practice room or studio. You’ll also need to consider whether you’re going to open the door regularly to park your car or bike, as some methods require soundproofing of the door as well. 

If you’re using power tools, covering the floors with thick mats and hanging heavy curtains over the windows, door and along the walls may be enough. However, if you’re using it as a rehearsal space, you’ll need more comprehensive soundproofing. 

Constant use of power tools can get pretty irritating for neighbours... not to mention when the kids bust out the death metal!

Cover the door and seal gaps

Insulated garage doors provide better soundproofing than non-insulated doors, but you might still need to cover the door and seal gaps to prevent sound escaping. 

• For an inexpensive way to soundproof your garage door, run a line at the top of the door, cover it by hanging heavy blankets (house moving blankets are ideal), and use weatherstrip seals to plug the gap below the garage door*. 

• For doors leading from the garage into the home, modern hollow-core doors are not capable of blocking out much more than a whisper. Solid wood doors provide better soundproofing qualities, or go a step further and purchase a sound-blocking door. 

• Plug gaps and add seals to help prevent sound from travelling into the house.

*Good news if you have a Garador Garage Door because the weather seal is already in place!

Soundproof the walls

• Soundproofing curtains are a good semi-permanent option. They include a layer of soundproof material that captures noise in its threads and can be achieved with a bit of DIY. 

• Soundproofing foam panels like the ones used in professional music studios are a worthwhile investment. The foam is cut into tiles with pyramid or wedge shapes which drastically reduce noise as the sound is absorbed rather than bouncing off flat surfaces such as the walls or ceiling.

• Lined and insulated walls - especially when soundproof insulation is used - may be adequate if you’re using your garage as a workshop on the weekends or occasionally. In this case, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the clock and avoid lots of noise late into the night.

• If you’re handy with the tools, make your own removable window plugs that can pop in and out each time the band has practise. 

• If you’re planning on making some serious noise the best way to create a soundproof space is to build a room within a room. It requires building a permanent structure within your garage so it will be costly, but definitely has its advantages if you are dedicated to loud pursuits!

Above left: Unobtrusive and attractive Mulflute insulation lines Garador's Insulated Series. Centre: Add a rug and tape any gaps to help prevent sound escaping.

Deaden the floor

• Add a layer to your floor to reduce sound reflection and absorb vibration. 

• Heavy rugs are ideal for rehearsal spaces, thick work mats if you’re using your garage as a workshop. 

• Even a carpeted floor will absorb sound much more effectively than a concrete floor.

Whether you’re soundproofing the garage because you don’t want to annoy the neighbours while the band’s kicking out the jams or you’re hard at work on your pride and joy, you’ll find that a Garador Garage Door isn’t only a breeze to soundproof, but also represents a future-proofed investment that will provide benefits for many years to come. Book your free measure and quote,  or call Garador on 0800 000 661 today. 


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