Home Security Tips for New Zealand Homes

Home Security Tips for New Zealand Homes

Use Technology to keep secure

The garage is a prime entry point to your home and an area that could be vulnerable if not made secure. Not only that, it often houses many valuables - cars, tools, lawnmowers, bikes, perhaps workplace equipment. Thieves need not even bother with the house if they can get enough out of your garage in a quick snatch. Your Garador Garage Door Opener has inbuilt security that makes it super tricky for thieves to gain access to your garage. Our TriTran+™ transmitters use code-hopping technology, generating a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities every time the door is opened. This means there is no chance of a burglar using a code grabbing device to copy your signal. Learn more about TriTran+™ here.

Smartphone garage door control

Garador’s Smart Phone Control Kit gives you secure access to your home, even when you’re away from it. You can monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world and receive notifications when anyone uses your door*. So if you’re on holiday and someone manages to get that door open, you’ll receive a notification. If you leave home and forget to close the garage, you can check the status of your door and close it while you’re out. The app is easy to use and is available as an optional accessory on new residential garage door openers installed from 1 August, 2016. *Subject to cellular and Wifi connection and availability.

Alarms & Sensor Lights

Burglar alarms work and their presence is also a great deterrent - don’t forget to include an alarm sensor in the garage. Thieves prefer easy access, so alarm sensors and motion sensing lights are a fast way to put them off. Install plenty of sensor lights outside and keep them high up so they’re difficult to tamper with. Test smoke alarms and clean all sensors regularly.

Above: This home is visible from the street, clear of hiding places and is well lit from inside, with security lighting outside. A thief would be much more likely to go for an easier target.


Timer lights can be a great way to make it look as if someone is home at night time. A timer on the TV and a radio can also be helpful, perhaps the radio on during the day and the TV during the evening.

Above: You might not use your tools much, but a burglar will use whatever they can get their hands on!

Be proactive

Thieves look for the easiest entry points. Try staking out your own home and figure out where you are leaving yourself open to opportunities. Secure all windows, no matter how small. Check all doors last thing before you leave for a holiday.

Put away any outdoor valuables. While you’re at it, store items like wheelbarrows, wheelie bins, hammers and ladders that could help burglars gain access to your property or use to ferry away your belongings.

Many sliding glass doors have incredibly flimsy locks, a thief can easily pop them for quick access to your home. Add a security rod to prevent the door from sliding across, so simple. Windows should also be lockable. Use multiple locks on doors for extra strength.

Maintain the yard

Have a tidy up around the yard and mow the lawns before you leave, so that the place doesn’t look untended. Trimming branches is a good idea, in case those summer storms come and cause havoc while you’re not there. Bushes can give nice dark hiding places for thieves to lie in wait… give them a trim, especially around the bottom. Thorny plants like cacti and bougainvillea can help to deter thieves and could possibly capture a little DNA!

Have someone keep an eye on things

Tell trusted neighbours that you will be away and give them your contact number. If they hear your alarm go off, they will be more alert to it. Ask someone to collect the mail, water the garden and put the rubbish bins out so it looks less like you’re away. Take it a step further with a house sitter. This arrangement can cost nothing and you’ll have someone to keep an eye on things, water plants and look after your pet too.

Above: Clever hiding places are worth the effort. Note that most burglars will target the main bedroom first.

Hide & Label Valuables

Keep valuables out of sight inside the house. Remove jewellery from your dresser, stash electronics and don’t leave cash or cheque books lying around. It sounds obvious, but complacency has been the downfall of many victims.

Hide secure paperwork to avoid identity theft and back up your computer or copy photos and important files to cloud-based storage.

Make it difficult for thieves to sell your stolen belongings by having jewellery etched with your name. Use invisible markers to identify electronics.

Keep a record of the models and serial numbers of your valuable items (pictures and videos are even better). If they are stolen, your inventory list can help lodge claims or recover possessions if the thieves are caught.

Don't Advertise

Lastly, keep a low profile on social media when you are away from home. Wait until your return to 'advertise' your overseas holiday.

Have a wonderful summer, from us all at Garador!

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