Home Security Checklist

Home Security Checklist
After the year that has been, holidays can’t come soon enough and getting out of the neighbourhood for carefree adventures is top of mind for most people. For those whose thieving tendencies have been thwarted by an increase in the numbers of people staying at home and working from home, holiday time will be just as welcome. Make sure they are not invited into your home via a ladder left outside or a loose window latch. Read on for Garador’s theft-prevention checklist.

• Check all window and door locks and fix any damage or degradation.

• Ensure all of your windows are locked properly, with screw locks tightened and rods in place in the case of sliding doors and windows.

• Keep valuables out of sight - consider leaving precious items with friends or relatives for safekeeping while you’re away.

• Clean alarm sensors removing webs and dust.

• Check fire alarm sensors.

• Lock pet doors if the pets won’t be at home.

• Invest in a Smart Phone Kit for your garage door. That way, if the garage door is ever opened, you will receive a notification. Also in the case of someone having left the garage door open mistakenly, it can be checked and closed from wherever you may be - as long as you have cellular and WiFi connection. Another instance when a garage door App can be of great use is to let someone in to check on things while you’re not home.

• Install timers on a few lights so that at night it can look as if someone is at home.

• Lock the door between your internal access garage and your home! Consider adding more locks for extra security in case one or the other area is breached.


Statistics show that burglars will look for easy targets. Take steps to make it harder for thieves.


Remember that thieves like it easy, so make it hard for them!

• Trim any vegetation around your house, burglars love a bushy place to hide while they case the joint.

• Remove and pack away any ladders, frames or furniture that a burglar could use as a means of accessing windows and other entry points.

• Store toys, bikes and valuable equipment away out of sight.

• Install sensor security lights - a well-lit area is off-putting to thieves.

• Never hide a key outside, leave one with neighbours instead.

• Thwart code thieves! A Garador Garage Door Opener features Tri-Tran+™ transmitters with code hopping technology to generate a new random code from trillions of possibilities with each use. When the code is forever changing, it cannot be stolen, ensuring only your garage door remote will open your garage door.


Fences and hedges are handy for prowlers to use as cover, whereas clear and sensor-lit areas leave nowhere for them to hide.


• Tell trusted neighbours your holiday dates, exchange phone numbers and ask if they can check on your house periodically, collecting mail at the same time.

• Remember to cancel newspaper deliveries and if you’re expecting courier parcels, have them redirected.

• Organise lawn mowing if you will be away for more than two weeks. An unusually long lawn is a sure sign that the house is vacant.

• Organise someone to put rubbish bins out and back on the right days (even if they won’t be filled, it will look as if someone is at home).

• Hide important paperwork to avoid identity theft and back up your computer or copy photos and important files to cloud-based storage.

• Keep a record of the models and serial numbers of your valuable items (pictures or videos are fine). If they are stolen, your inventory list can help lodge claims or recover possessions if the thieves are caught.

• Keep a low profile on social media when you are away from home, holiday pics are a great way to show people your house is vacant!

Making the time to take a few security steps is totally worthwhile. The peace of mind alone is worth the trouble! For up to the minute security features for your garage door and opener, you won't go wrong with Garador. Talk to a Garador Professional near you today!

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