7 Benefits of New Garage Doors

Exciting Advantages of New Garage Doors | New Zealand

An investment in new residential or industrial garage doors is an easy way to boost property value and increase protection. If you’re on the fence about buying a new garage door, read on to discover just some of the benefits to replacing your old garage doors with new, modern options.

Improved convenience

Top of the list of reasons to invest in a new sectional garage door or roller door is convenience. If your old garage door is lacking in performance or you’re still opening your garage manually, a new garage door and opener will change your life! A quality garage door motor should most of all be reliable, and it should operate in a smooth, fast and quiet manner. The garage door motor should be capable of pulling the door for years, with a warranty to match. Be sure to check out the motor in operation before you buy, listening for excess noise and checking responsiveness. Also check the steel thickness, or BMT - not all garage doors are created equal - the higher the BMT, the stronger your door will be. New Zealand steel has proven to be superior to some imported steel and that means less maintenance and fewer faults for the owner.

A modern garage door is also capable of handling add-ons such as smartphone control, the ultimate convenience for the whole family.


After 2000 hours of UV testing New Zealand steel product showed no evidence of degradation compared with the imported product, tested under the same conditions. Photographs were used with the permission of NZMRM.

Enhanced protection


Not only are new residential garage doors supremely convenient, but they also provide extra protection for your property and your family. Ageing garage doors may be easier for thieves to access, leaving your property vulnerable. A new, snugly-fitting garage door built from thick, quality local steel and operated by a secure garage door opener is your best bet for garage protection. Adding features such as smartphone garage door control takes it up a notch, contributing to the peace of mind that comes from knowing your new garage door (often leading to the rest of your home) is thoroughly protected.

Tip: Look for a garage door opener with built-in safety features such as auto-reverse, when the garage door will automatically stop and reverse if it comes into contact with a person or object.

Increased energy efficiency


Why not increase property protection and energy efficiency at the same time? Garage door insulation is a great thermal solution, helping to reduce heat transfer into and out of the garage. Not only does insulation have benefits during the winter months, but it will also reduce the amount of heat transferring into your garage in the heat of summer. Added bonus: Garage door insulation acts as a noise barrier too, helping to reduce the effect of road noise in busy areas and keeping your own noise in! Plus, a newer garage door and opener will operate more smoothly than an old, rattling door, and the enhanced performance definitely makes a difference to overall system efficiency.

Better curb appeal


Above, left: Installation by Garador Dunedin; right: Installation by Gisborne Garage Door Centre

Given that garage doors cover a large area, they’re often plainly visible from the street and can contribute a great deal to the general aesthetic of your home. It’s surprising what a difference a new garage door can make - just take a look at our pictures - and for the relatively small investment you’ll gain a lot of street appeal. Make yours the garage that everyone in the street wishes they were driving into!

Technology is there for you


Whether you’re a tech whizz or a technophobe, you probably own a smartphone. Now you can use your phone to operate and monitor your garage door with ease. The setup is simple and once you have the app in operation, you can share it with family and friends to give them access to the garage. For visitors, once they’ve left you can remove their access privileges simply. When someone uses the garage door, you’ll get a notification, meaning when someone arrives home, you know they’re inside safely. And you’ll never again need to wonder if the garage door has been left open - you can check its status and close it from anywhere in the world, provided you have cellphone connectivity and WiFi.

Safety is always a top concern around a large moving object such as a garage door. Though Garador garage door motors all include the previously mentioned auto-reverse safety function, we suggest taking the further step of adding a wireless safety beam to your setup. If the invisible infra-red beam is broken by an object, animal, or person, the door won’t even start closing, and if the beam is broken while the door is closing, it will stop immediately and reverse.

Added property value


Let’s face it, if you’re going to spend money, you’ll want to make it count. Invest in a quality garage door to tick a box on the list of requirements for buyers seeking a high calibre home. Whether you just want to make sure your property improves on its CV or you’re thinking about selling in the next few years, new garage doors are a worthwhile investment in your capital. 

If you’re making the investment in a new garage door and opener, be sure to ask the questions that matter and get the best value for money you can. A great garage door should be reliable, have an extensive warranty and be backed by a reputable company. Browse our entire range online or call us on 0800 000 661 for any questions on new garage doors and openers.

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