10 Ways to Re-Purpose the Old Hose in New Zealand Homes

10 Ways to Re-Purpose the Old Hose in Your Home

Old, split, perished hoses are common - especially if you tend to buy cheap hoses which are often made from substandard rubber or plastic. Wait - Don’t get rid of it! Read on for the ten handiest, most innovative uses we found that will get that hose working hard again and keep it out of the landfill.

Garden Edging Marker
Make a perfect guide for curved edging. Use a hose to create the desired shape - keep in place with pegs if need be - and use as a guide for digging plant beds, creating concrete mowing strips or marking out raised beds.
Also in the garden, use pieces of old hose to cushion wire ties used to help stake trees.

Un-block spouting
If your down spout has become clogged with debris, simply use a section of rigid hose to snake up through the spouting and give it a few pushes to dislodge the trapped matter so the rain water can run freely again.

Uses for Garden Tools & Buckets
Cut sections of hose to length, then carefully split down one side with a utility knife. Slip the hose section onto a wire bucket handle to transform that bucket from the least used to the favourite!
Slide sections of hosing onto tool handles such as rakes and hoes, then secure with clamps to make a padded grip.
To keep tools protected from corrosion and to protect you and your family from accidents, use a section of hose to cover blades. Cut a piece of hose, slit along one side and carefully slide over the blade. Works well for axes, saws, branch trimmers etc. A wide piece of hose could slide completely over the closed blades of secateurs, shears and hedge cutters.

Sand Curves with Ease
Sanding curved areas on furniture and trims can be really tricky, but a piece of hose can make it so much easier! Simply cut a short section of garden hose, and wrap your sandpaper around it. Now you have a flexible support for your sandpaper, you’ll be able to get into all those tricky areas for a super smooth finish.

Electrical Uses
For outside electric cords, slit the hose lengthwise, then press the cord into the hose for protection.
A hose can be used as a cover for an exterior cord. It will keep it from knotting and make it easier to loop & store.
Use a hose as conduit for small gauge wire in harsh environments.
Electric fence insulators: Pieces of hose placed over electric fence wires at strategic positions will enable you to climb over the fence without risk of a shock. Also handy in situations where a fence needs to be laid down for stock to cross over.

Protect Patio Pots
Cut into lengths and glue to the bottom of flower pots to prevent marking your deck or patio and to improve drainage. This can be done in four small pieces so as not to be seen, or use a coil as in the picture above. Simple, cheap, effective and smart!

Garden Art
Wreath Frame: Use a hose as the circular base for a wreath and use hot glue, twist ties or wire to decorate it with a garden theme ie: old garden tools, tiny terracotta pots etc. Or completely cover the hose with decorations for a Christmas wreath.
Wall Flowers: Decorate ugly outside walls with a hose! Shape pieces of hose into flowers, nail or screw to surface and paint the inside of the petals different colours. The flowers could also be used as support for climbing plants!
If you're feeling really creative, a hose can be coiled into shapes such as mats and baskets for use in and around the garden.

Irrigation Systems
Soaker Hose: Cut lengths of hose to match your garden beds. Add a bunch of holes all along the hose (use a drill or even a hammer and nail) and snake the hose through your garden. All it takes is a connector at one end and a stopper at the other, and you will have created your own soaker hose - or turn the tap on full to get the effect of a sprinkler system! It’s a great way to deliver water to the roots of your plants and much less work for you. Just remember to set a timer so as not to leave the water running needlessly.
Pot Plant Watering: Watering container plants from a hose can sometimes wash soil out of the pot, exposing roots and making a mess. Irrigate your container plants by using a piece of hose vertically placed into the soil. Once again, drill holes into the hose so that water can trickle throughout the pot. Use a funnel to pour water into the hose. Your delicate plants will appreciate this gentle method of watering!

Upcycled Hoses in the Playground
Use segments of a garden hose to cover the chains on your backyard swings. It’s a simple way to protect little fingers from being caught.
A hose can also be used to protect the tree branch that a swing hangs from. A rubber cushion will mean less wear and tear on the tree than a chain would.
Make an old-fashioned play telephone for the kids. Cut a length of hose and attach a funnel to each end with duct tape. Super easy and educational too!

Door Stop
In a pinch, a section of garden hose makes a great door stop! Squish the hose flat (you can simply stand on it) then slide the door over. Once released, the hose will expand and hold the door open.

Of course, you could repair the hose and keep using it for its intended purpose! Check out this link for help with fixing common hose problems.

Hopefully you'll enjoy putting your old hose to creative use rather than trashing it, and it will certainly be better for the environment!

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