Ten things you need in your New Zealand garage

Ten things you need in your New Zealand garage

Most garages are full of stuff but when you need a specific item, can you find it and do you even own it? We’ve looked at the garage as a whole and identified ten things that can make your garage a better, safer and far more useful place to be. Can you check these items off your list?



New Zealand’s weather is prone to extremes and in the garage, variations in temperature get amplified whether it’s summer or winter. Insulation works to reduce heat transfer, helping to prevent warmth from escaping in cold weather and working to shield the space from heat in hotter months - it’s especially effective in a relatively small space like a garage. Garage door insulation completes the all-round thermal economy, while it also helps to reduce sound transfer into and out of the garage - keeping those late-night projects going for longer!


Garador's Insulated garage doors feature efficient graphite-infused insulation.


Fire Extinguisher

Does this one even need an explanation? You might already have a fire extinguisher in your house but consider one for the garage and a small fire extinguisher for each vehicle. You may never use them, but you may also save lives with them.


Good lighting


Whatever it is you get up to in your garage - no judgement here - not being able to see what you’re doing due to a lack of light is just impractical. For ceiling lights, LED bulbs and tubes will last longer and produce less heat. For intricate work, plenty of clean, diffused light coming from several sources will help to prevent shadows. When you need a dedicated work light at the workbench, an architect’s light is a handy solution as it can swivel to where you need it. If you tend to work on vehicles in the garage, a portable work light or spotlight is essential - again LED’s are a great solution.




Your garage will be inefficient if it’s littered with junk, that includes tools, fluids, sports gear and other random objects people tend to stash in garages. It’s also dangerous having things pushed to the side and not properly stored, as there’s the possibility of them falling on you - or on your car! Clean up your garage and organise everything by packing it safely away in storage such as boxes, pegboards, shelving, cabinets, and cupboards. Get yourself a proper tool chest and it’ll help to protect your tools while giving them a dedicated place to be returned to. Be sure to store liquids in appropriate containers, clearly marked with their contents. Your organised garage will become a place of joy!


Car Care Products


Nothing makes a rev-head happier than having a sparkling ride, and owning a dedicated array of car care products is the easiest way to do that. Be sure you have a good car shampoo, microfibre sponge, wheel brushes, microfibre towels, polish/compound, and a high-quality wax to maintain that shine for longer. Stash it all together in a dedicated bucket and you’ll be more likely to use it. Tip: Keep interior polish and a polishing cloth in the glove box to use if you’re stuck in the car waiting to pick the kids up from sport or in the queue for your booster shot. At least you’ll have something other than your phone to pass the time!


A Toolkit


“A good tradesperson never blames their tools.” However, a good tradesperson always has good tools! Having the right tool for the job will make any task so much easier, whether it’s putting together a kid’s bike or changing a spark plug on your lawnmower. Build up your collection over time and be wary of who you lend them to! Buy the best quality tools you can afford, look after them and you’ll have them for life.

Here’s what a good basic toolkit might look like:

A socket set and torque wrench • pliers • wire cutters • a set of screwdrivers (one with interchangeable heads is handy) • a hammer • a mallet • a tape measure • a level • a box cutter and pack of blades • duct tape • electrical tape • a hacksaw (reduces the need for other saws because it cuts through anything) • 2 part epoxy (only reacts once the 2 parts are mixed, it solidifies in 5 minutes, it’s stronger than superglue and lasts for years)


Cordless drill


Power tools save time and do things your hands simply cannot. At the least, a combination drill/driver comes in super handy for jobs like putting together furniture or adding some storage shelves to your garage. For most household uses cordless power tools are the way to go, they have plenty of grunt with the convenience of portability and they can get into those hard-to-reach places that corded units might struggle to access.

Other handy power tools to have in your garage could include these: 

impact driver • reciprocating saw • rotary multi-tool • angle grinder • high-speed Dremel


Workbench + vise


A workbench is debatably the most necessary part of any ‘working’ garage, you simply can’t get by without one. Having a firm, stable surface to work on is an absolute must – from both an ease and safety standpoint. Add a vise to keep things in place and keep a few clamps handy for when you need them.

A DIY workbench can be as simple as slapping an old solid-core door or plank of MDF on top of two sawhorses. If you want something more sophisticated, there are hundreds of DIY projects on YouTube. Otherwise, you’ll find ready-to-use workbench options at all major hardware stores.


Water blaster

When you have one of these puppies on hand it’s simple to clean furniture, decks and your garage floor, or remove slime from pathways and patios. You don’t need one that can peel paint, just get a good quality smaller one and you’ll be glad you did. Water blasters don’t cost a lot, they’re reasonably compact to store and very easy to use so why not invest in your own - or go halves with a mate perhaps? 



Work gloves and Safety Glasses

Maybe we’ve put this one in the last spot but safety really is the first priority! Most people probably don’t reach for gloves when they’re scraping, banging or sawing in the garage but the moment you crush a knuckle, burn your fingertips or cut your hand you’ll realise that safety gloves are a good idea.

For eye protection don’t just whack on your typical shades but have a few pairs of hard plastic safety glasses at hand to do the job properly. Safety glasses are cheap as chips, while your eyesight is priceless. Hang them in a convenient spot so you’re more likely to remember them.

Well, that’s a basic list and most of you might already have all this and more, but if you’ve just bought a home or left the nest, it’s a good place to start. Of course, we recommend you keep it all safe behind a reliable garage door from Garador! Contact us if you’re building or looking to upgrade, there’s a Garador dealer near you with more than 30 nationwide.

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