Bringing in the Light - Glass and Natural Lighting for your Garage

Bringing in the Light - Glass and Natural Lighting for your Garage

Most homeowners get far more out of their garages than secure parking alone, with many using these versatile spaces for entertaining, as play areas for the kids - where they can make the kind of mess they can’t make inside - and for practical purposes like storage, a workspace or simply somewhere to hang the laundry. However you use your garage space, chances are you’d like it to be as comfortable, bright and airy as possible, not to mention add curb appeal to your home. 

Upgrading to a garage door with windows has become a popular option among homeowners who want to make the best possible use of their garage space while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. If you choose a customisable Garador sectional garage door with windows or opt for our VL Designer Door, you’ll find an extensive selection of design and glazing options to suit the style of your home. 

When a garage is in the shadow of an upper storey, every bit of natural light counts!

Do You Use Your Garage as an Entertaining Space? 

For those who entertain family and friends in their garage space, or use it as a home office or playroom for the kids, a custom garage door with windows is an outstanding way to let natural light in and make the entire space feel brighter and airier. It doesn’t take much to transform a basic garage into a fantastic living area, especially when you have a stylish insulated garage door with glazed windows, allowing the natural light in while keeping the space comfortable all year-round. 

For a combination of natural light plus a more temperate atmosphere, choose windows and insulation from Garador's range:
Camden • Aspen • Newport • Allegra

Windows can bring a garage door to life!

Make it Match

When designing the windows for your new garage door, consider the style of the windows at the front of your home. Choose a similar shape to retain a uniform, consistent appearance. Keeping that consistency of shape and/or style on your garage and home helps to add curb appeal and that has a positive impact on the value of your property. 

Traditional and proud of it! Garage door windows enhance the theme.

Use windows as a design feature

Perhaps your home exterior is a little lacklustre or dated. Consider using windows in your garage door to add character by stacking the windows vertically or in a pattern. The raised panel features on Garador Grange and Garador Statesman are just begging to boast windows! Create a statement that performs double duty when you let the natural light flow in through either plain or the more decorative Stockton window style.

Matching trims and architraves serve to increase the designer look.

Want to really maximise the flow of natural light into your garage? Choose a VL Designer Door from Garador. With glass or acrylic panels ranging from opaque to translucent and even mirrored, you'll have plenty of options to get it just right.

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