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The Garador CamdenTM is a contemporary steel sectional garage door roll-formed from medium gauge steel to produce a subtle yet reliable entry point to your garage and home.

The fine horizontal ribs available in a smooth finish produce a visually subtle garage door that complements the horizontal nature of weatherboards and bricks while still contrasting with modern monolithic cladding finishes. The Camden also works well as a focus point with flat monolithic claddings.

Why Choose the Camden

Why Choose the Camden

The Camden is a steel sectional garage door that is manufactured by roll-forming medium gauge steel to produce a reliable, modern horizontal ribbed entry point to your garage and home.

Available Finishes: Smooth Finish.

Have confidence in your Door choice

Have confidence in your Door choice

You can be confident that you are getting a quality door for money with this door style.

Made from 0.55 BMT medium gauge steel, it is strong and secure yet affordable.

Heavy-duty components ensure your garage door will remain a reliable home entry point for many years to come - the confidence you get for Garador.

Warranty for Peace of Mind

Warranty for Peace of Mind

Garador is part of a company that has been manufacturing garage doors since 1946 and we offer some of the most extensive warranties available.

Our sectional doors come with a 5 year 10,000 cycle warranty.

More about our Warranty
Upgrade your Warranty

Upgrade your Warranty

Buy a Door & Opener Combo from Garador and upgrade to a 10 Year Reliability Warranty

Buy a Garador Precision premium garage door opener with this door style, register online and get a 10 Year Warranty*.

*See here for Terms & Conditions. Regular Servicing Required.

Colour Options

Colour Options

Match your door to your favourite colour...

With a wide range of pre-painted steel and optional powder-coat colour options available at Garador, you really can personalise your garage door by choosing the colour you love. 

Click on the 'Colour' Tab above for more information on the colour options fo this product.

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Garador Guarantee

Garador Guarantee

Purchase your Garador Garage Door with Confidence

Our Garage doors are built reliable to provide extra reassurance & have been trusted by Kiwi's across New Zealand for over 50 years.

With a country-wide Dealer network, there's a Local Garador near you.

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Automation Options

Automation Options

Sectional garage doors are designed to be operated with an automatic garage door opener to provide greater convenience, safety and security.

For the ultimate Door & Opener package, we suggest a premium Next Gen opener with super quiet Belt-drive for your new Garador Garage Door.

More about our Next Gen Openers
Optional Insulation

Optional Insulation

Whatever’s going on outside temperature-wise, we can help make the space behind your new Garador Insulated Garage Door and Opener much more comfortable, no matter what you‘ve got going on in your garage.

Insulate your Garage Door
Colour Options

Colour Options

Match your door to your favourite colour...

With a wide range of pre-painted steel and optional powder-coat colour options available at Garador, you really can personalise your garage door by choosing the colour you love. 

Click on the 'Colour' Tab above for more information on the colour options fo this product.

Browse our Range of Colours
Window Options

Window Options

Put your own stylish stamp on your new garage door.

Customise your Garador by adding windows from a range of styles and glazing options to complement your homes architecture. 

Not only do windows add curb appeal, but they provide additional light to allow you to make better use of your garage space. 

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Our doors are provided for standard headroom (350mm) situations, unless otherwise specified.

Rear torsion and Intermediate Low Headroom systems are available as optional extras. Please discuss Low Headroom requirements with your local Garador Dealer.

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When a sectional door is automated with a garage door opener, no manual locking mechanism is required. The Opener is geared so that the door cannot be pushed or pulled open from the outside.

We reccommend fitting sectional garage doors with automatic openers. We can help you with external locks if your door needs to manually operated.

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Weather Protection

Weather Protection

The garage is a versatile room of any property today so weather protection is a key feature of any garage door.

Our doors are built to stand up to the harsh New Zealand climate with their pre-painted steel, Mohair opening surround and a soft, pliable bottom weatherseal to help keep the leaves and rain outside. 


Installation Clearances

Installation Clearances

We recommend the following clearance requirements:

  • Standard Headroom - 300mm
  • Standard Headroom with opener - 330mm
  • Sideroom - 140mm
  • Backspace with opener - 3550mm (Door height up to 2300mm)
View Our Framing Specification Sheet
Lifting Systems

Lifting Systems

Garador Sectional Garage Doors are counter-balanced with springs installed above the opening. 

Periodic servicing will ensure the correct tension is maintained over the life of your door, placing less stress on components and your opener.

Smooth & Quiet

Smooth & Quiet

Our sectional garage doors are designed to provide you with years of quiet, smooth operation.

Factory fitted muntins, end styles and nylon wheels with ball bearings, ensure consistent panel tolerances for a trouble free operation.

Easy Operation

Easy Operation

Quality keyring remotes that operate across 3 frequencies ensure interference free operation.

Our doors & openers are designed to work together to ensure continued easy operation.

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Having provided New Zealanders with Garage Doors for over 50 years, we know about Durability.

Your door is designed and made with longevity and reliability in mind - from the steel, to the hinges, no corners are cut at the expense of the lifespan of the product.

Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing and maintaining your garage door is very important to ensure the longevity of your garage door.

Just like a car, regular servicing is required to maintain your warranty and catch wear & tear early.

Garage Door Servicing Requirements


All our product brochures are available to download as PDF's.

For further information, simply fill out the form below and your local Garador Dealer will be in touch.

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The Camden Colour Palette

The Camden is available in a range of colours.

Garador uses COLORSTEEL®

Garador uses COLORSTEEL®

All of our pre-painted steel is made for NZ conditions.

COLORSTEEL® is a time-tested tough and stylish steel that provides excellent colour performance and scratch resistance – perfect for your new garage door!

Reduced COLORSTEEL® Colour Offering

Due to increased demand, our pre-painted steel supplier – New Zealand Steel has made changes to their COLORSTEEL® service offer.

As a result, for the foreseeable future there is an industry-wide reduction in the range of Colorsteel® colours available for garage doors, roofs and sheds.

Below are the 12 COLORSTEEL® colours that are currently available to order.

Should you require a colour outside this reduced range, check with your Garador Dealer as we may have some residual coil stock. There is also the option to powder coat the door in your preferred colour at an additional cost, again please discuss this with your local Dealer prior to order.

FlaxPod *

Ebony *



Sandstone Grey

Gull Grey


New Denim Blue


Thunder Grey


Windsor Grey *

Smooth Cream ~



* Normally acceptable imperfections that are inherent with flatter door styles may be visually enhanced by darker door colours such as those marked.

~ Colour available as residual coil stock from Garador. Please check with your local Dealer before placing order as NZ Steel is not currently producing this colour.

Dulux Powder Coatings

Dulux Powder Coatings

Match your door to your favourite colour.

With such a wide range of colour options available, you really can personalise your garage door by choosing the colour you love.

Some of the common colours are below - for further colours and avialiability, please see your local Garador Dealer.


Appliance White Matt 9151274M

Arctic White 91558851

Black LSG Matt 9159041M

Bond Rivergum Matt 91552027

Canvas Cloth Matt 9157327M

Charcoal LSG Matt 9159058M

Desert Sand Matt 9153065M

Ghost Grey Matt 9157401M

Gravel Matt 9157404M

Grey Friars Matt 9157167M

Gull Grey Matt 9157511M

Ironsand LSG Matt 9158096M

Karaka LSG Matt 9156064M

Lignite LSG Matt 9158033M

Metropolis Coal Dust Kinetic 9159069K

Metropolis Electric Cow Matt 9158028K

Metropolis Silver Pearl Kinetc 9157113K

Mist Green LSG Matt 9156103M

New Denim Blue Matt 9155063M

Off White White 9153144M

Permanent Green Matt 9156102M

Pioneer Red Matt 9154194M

Sandstone Grey Matt 9157217M

Scoria LSG Matt 9154114M

Thunder Grey Matt 9157324M

Titania LSG Matt 9152068M

Wizard Matt 9155197M

Creating a Truly Flat Door

Garador takes pride on producing quality doors and openers.

Some things are out of our control – like the direct heat of the sun and seasonal temperatures that can cause irregularities in the door panel surface (due to thermal expansion). The colour you choose can also play a part.

When we produce our doors, we make every effort to take this into account and minimize the effect of thermal expansion across the door.

For a more consistent flatter door, we recommend either a Sierra or the negative detailed Nevada, both produced from heavy-gauged steel.

Talk to your Local Garador Dealer for further advice around your requirements and expectations.

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