Time to Get Your Smart Garage in New Zealand

Time to Get Your Smart Garage in New Zealand

Smart home devices are becoming more popular by the day and it’s easy to see why - not only do these handy gadgets make opening and closing garage doors easier and more convenient, they offer many other benefits for homeowners. Read on to see how a smart garage door opener can make your life easier.

Peace-of-Mind Security 

We all want to live in safe and secure homes and many of us, understandably, invest in premium-quality locks, deadbolts and alarms for the doors and windows of our homes. However, it’s easy to overlook the largest door in the entire house — the garage door. Garage doors are often the target of thieves because a) they’re traditionally not as secure as the front or back door, b) most people store bikes, tools, recreational equipment and other items of value in their garages, and c) once they’re inside thieves usually can’t be seen through the windows. 

Therefore, a secure locking system is a must for all garage doors, and smart garage door systems have taken peace of mind to a whole new level of high-tech security. A great feature that most smart garage systems offer is an alert (usually a push notification) sent to your smartphone to alert you whenever the garage is open. You can set it to notify you any time the door is opened or only when it’s opened without authorisation. 

Remote Access

Need to let the kids or a friend in while you’re not at home? No problem. Installing a smart garage door system provides remote access that enables you to open and close the garage door with your smartphone when you’re away. For parents who’d rather not entrust their kids with the responsibility of looking after the house keys, remote access truly is a wonderful thing. It’s also great for people letting rooms on the likes of Airbnb, as you can leave the keys on the kitchen bench and let your guests in through the garage when they arrive. 

Connectivity with Other Systems and Smart Devices

Any smart garage system worth the asking price will pair with other smart devices (Amazon Alexa or Google Home) and often other systems in your home. This is something to look into when investigating the smart garage door systems on the market, as to form an integrated system you’ll need to get one that’s compatible with your other smart devices. 

Reduce Electricity Usage

Did you know that your traditional garage door system is always on standby? This means it’s using electricity even though you’re not operating it. Opting for a smart garage door enables you to switch off the system while you’re not at home, reducing your energy bills and helping your household to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Garador's range of openers, Focus, Genius and Precision are all compatible with our Smart Phone Control Kit.

If you’re looking for a reliable and secure way to control your garage door, the Garador Smart Phone Control kit is sure to impress. Our next-generation smart garage door system is easy to operate, compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, provides peace-of-mind security and is available as an optional accessory on all Garador garage door openers (installed since 1 August 2016).

If you’d like to chat with our smart garage experts, call Garador on 0800 000 661 today.

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