Great Musical Spaces You Can Set Up in a Garage

Musical Spaces to Set Up in a Garage | Garador Garage Doors

Got a budding rock star or ballerina in the family? Perhaps you’re fascinated with sound recording and fancy turning that into a career? Maybe you just want a dedicated space to relax and practice an instrument. Either way, the garage is the perfect space for making music. 

Some insulation is better than none

Professional sound-proofing may not be in your budget but even moderate insulation will help with acoustics. Not only will it help to regulate the internal temperature and allow use for more months of the year, but insulation in the walls and the garage door can also help to regulate sound transfer into and out of the garage. 

Lined walls will make a big difference and extra linings such as carpet or blankets can be utilised as a makeshift sound-proofing measure. Physical barriers like bookcases and rugs will also offer improved acoustics and reduce sound transfer from the garage.

Floor coverings add appeal and absorb sound

Adding a floor covering is another way to sound-proof your garage and will make the space more comfortable for musicians. In the case of dance studios, a section of purpose-built flooring can provide everything needed to explore the joy of dance.

Good lighting

It’s worth looking into a bit of extra lighting if your garage is being used as a musician’s or dancer’s space.

The perfect place for Drummers 

There are few places in most homes that can accommodate a drum kit like the garage can. However, it’s likely that the whole family won’t want to join in on drum practice! With the right setup, those skins can be bashed with wild abandon - and without doing damage to your personal relationships.

A dedicated area for practice 

Indeed, it's not just drumming that will thrive with its own space – any instrument is well served by the insulation and freedom offered in a garage, from the violin to the piano and electric guitar. Children are more likely to play their instruments if it’s made easy for them. Carve out a spot for practise and acquire a music stand that will be at the ready come music time.

Get the whole band involved 

They call it a garage band for a reason; many successful bands have been formed in a garage. Not only is it a great way to keep the family enthusiastic about music, having a dedicated music space at home will keep them at home.

Dance like no one is watching 

Give dancers the floor space and privacy they dream of with their own garage-based dance studio. Install a mirror and a ballet barre to encourage regular rehearsals from home. With its relatively small area, a purpose-built dance floor might even fit into your budget. 

Turn it into a career

If you aspire to be a dance teacher, music teacher, sound recordist or serious musician, utilising the garage as a studio could give you the start you’ve always dreamed of!


Singing in the shower not quite cutting it? Why not put the word out to other songbirds and start a choir in your garage?

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