Safety & Maintenance

Q. What type of care and maintenance is required for my Garador door?

AAs an important precautionary measure, you should deactivate your electric garage door opener every three (3) months by unplugging it. Operate the door manually in order to determine how easy it is to open. Remember that an electric garage door opener is only meant to work as a substitute for human strength. You must therefore avoid placing any unnecessary strain on it. If the door is hard to open when operated manually, get in touch with you local Garador dealer. This sort of problem may result from a decompressed spring, a warped track, or a loose cable. If so equipped, it is a good idea to check the photoelectric protection system as well to make sure it is working properly. Click here to view our comprehensive door maintenance instructions. 

Q. Where can I buy garage door spare parts?
A. Your local Garador dealer carries a wide variety of garage door parts.

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