Q. Should I insulate my garage door? 
A. The large amount of publicity around the ENERGYWISE™ funding to install insulation and/or heating in homes and continuing weather extremes has made insulation a front-of-mind topic for many homeowners. You may be wondering about the benefits of insulating your garage door.

There are definitely positive results to be had, but they will vary depending on your particular situation – let us explain:

Existing Homes

Existing homes will tend to have existing garage doors – no surprises there, but the type of door may impact on how you go about insulating your garage.

If you have an old tilt door you may not have enough room to be able to replace it with an insulated sectional door, but you could fit one of our new Flex-A-Door’s which at the very least will cut down on the drafts which are inherent with tilting doors.

Again, replacing an old roller door with an insulated sectional door may not be feasible if room is restricted, but a Flex-A-Door will go a long way to making your garage space useable.

Your local Garador dealer will be more than happy to come round and provide a FREE no-obligation assessment of your situation.

Having an existing sectional door can make the process of insulating your garage far simpler and give you two options to consider; work with the door you have or upgrade it completely.

Working with your existing door, you could look at adding after-market insulation to the back of it. This will generally give results but a word of warning, the additional weight of the insulation will mean your door will require new springs to operate correctly. As a result, the newly insulated door will need to be weighed and new springs ordered to suit. This is best left to your local Garador dealer as replacing and adjusting springs on any garage door can be extremely dangerous, especially to those who have not been trained in the correct procedure.

Note: An automated door may appear to continue to operate correctly, however the life of the opener will be severely reduced due to the additional strain it will now be under and the safety reverse systems may fail to work as expected.

If you choose to take this option, make sure you know the entire cost up front and please make sure the work is carried out by a professional – find your local Garador dealer here.

Choosing to replace your sectional door gives you the same options as a new home, so read on.

New Homes

When designing your new home there is plenty to think about when trying to create an energy efficient one. But that doesn’t mean that you should gloss over your garage door as it is probably one of the largest openings in your home and most prone to heat transfer.

Double glazed windows are now a standard requirement as they are far more efficient at reducing heat transfer by creating a thermal break between the two sheets of glass. So it is easy to see that single and double glazed windows are at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their insulating qualities because of this thermal break.

Talk to an expert

For further advice on your insulation requirements, contact your local Garador dealer and talk to them about your options. Remember they can come round and provide a FREE no-obligation assessment of your situation.

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