Avoiding problems with your Garage Door and Opener

Avoiding problems with your Garage Door and Opener

The home garage door and opener is a real workhorse team, often operating multiple times daily for your convenience, safety and security. Garage door maintenance is simple but can be easy to overlook, especially when your reliable workhorse keeps on going without a problem! Be warned, however, that warranty conditions will often be dependant upon regular maintenance, so it pays to keep up with checks and servicing as described below.

Regular Checks

Take a look over your garage door for any obvious signs of wear:

Inside, check that the springs are even, check for any inconsistencies in the tracks, clear away dust and debris along the tracks.

Outside, check over the panels periodically, looking for dents or anything trapped in the panel joins. Please keep your fingers away from moving doors as the spaces between panels are a pinch hazard.

Listen for unusual sounds when your garage door is in operation - and don’t ignore them! If you hear a change in the sound your garage door opener makes, it’s a good idea to book a visit from a garage door technician.

Tip: Perform a garage door health check at every change of season.


Check springs and tracks for debris and signs of wear and tear.

Regular Cleaning

Washing your garage door is as easy as grabbing a soft sponge or brush and gently washing it down with water. It’s advisable to wash your garage door frequently, at least every change of season or more frequently in areas close to the ocean or if geothermal activity occurs nearby.


Tip: Wash your garage door at the same time as you wash your car.


Clean your garage door often, but don't ever touch the panels while the door is in motion. Right: Garador's Nevada is a real show-stopper.

Keep hazards out of the way

If the garage is your major household storage space, it pays to ensure you have adequate organisation - a place for everything and everything in its place. Keep tools and sports equipment clear of the garage door opening, broom handles have a habit of falling into the path of garage doors!

Keep leads, hoses and commonly used objects such as umbrellas, boots and coats well out of the path of the garage door.

Tip: Check out our article on how to get a clean and well-organised garage.


Left: Neatly corralled tools make for fewer hazards in the garage. Right: Cluttered garages are a risk to safety and items near the opening could damage your garage door.

Infrared safety beam

To get an extra layer of protection for your garage door as well as your family and pets, install an infra-red safety beam. The beam detects movement or obstruction across the garage door opening so that if broken by a person, pet, vehicle or broom handle, the door will stop in its downward motion. Infrared safety beams are available as an optional extra from Garador.


An infrared safety beam will detect movement under the path of the garage door and reverse its motion. Choose a Garador garage door and opener combo for reliability, convenience and a comprehensive warranty.

Choose Garador and get a 10-year warranty*!

If you want a reliable garage door you can't go past Garador. We offer garage doors made from top quality NZ Colorsteel to withstand the harsh environmental conditions that New Zealand faces. Each garage door is made to measure here in New Zealand to your unique opening specifications. Purchase a qualifying door + opener combo and get a free upgrade from a 5-year to a 10-year warranty. *See here for Terms & Conditions.

Tip: Ensure you meet warranty conditions by keeping the garage door and opener serviced regularly (see below).

Book regular servicing

Maintenance of your Garador garage door and opener is critical to ensuring its smooth, quiet, reliable operation, and in most cases is necessary to ensure your warranty remains valid. We recommend that your door is serviced within the first 12 months of installation & then every 2 years thereafter.

For urgent repairs, phone 0800 000 661 to contact your local Garador service agent for advice.

Tip: Garador openers let you know when a service is due through audible and visual reminders. 


Book a garage door maintenance service to avoid garage door problems and to keep your warranty valid.

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