Dream Garage Pinboard

Dream Garage Pinboard

Ready to drool over dream garages? Let's jump right in...

Below, clockwise from left: Keep an eye on the car from every room in the house; UNDERstated garaging; Not technically a garage space but still worth an eyeball.


Above, left to right: Whattt is gonna come from behind those doors?; Garage first - minimalist loft apartment a very welcome second.

Below, clockwise from top left: Classic bikes and somewhere to park them; When they say “he’s got enough room to park a bus in there”, they mean it; You could call this Ferrari a piece of art; Someone’s “James Bond in retirement” moment; A car, a bike, a couch and a bangin’ toolbox. Dream garage done; Not so much ‘down in the garage’ as ‘down in the garage wing’.


Below, left to right: Strong contender for favourite ; Neat as a pin - the dream is real.


Above, clockwise from middle left: Classy classics; Pop-up Porsche... Where the garage is way cooler than the house; This garage is on another level!

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