The Perfect Opener for Every New Zealand Garage Door

The Perfect Opener for Every Garage Door

We have a range of openers suiting different styles of garage doors but they do all have something in common.

Every Garador automated garage door opener comes standard with TrioCode™128 advanced multi frequency technology.

TrioCode™ uses three frequencies to defeat interference from other common wireless products in your neighbourhood, such as baby monitors and wireless entertainment systems. The 128 bit encryption relies on trillions of rolling codes, so you can rest assured with these odds that only your transmitters will open your garage door.

Along with state of the art openers, Garador offers you total peace of mind with our Smartphone Control Kit. Open your garage door from anywhere in the world (subject to cellular and WiFi connection and availability) and be alerted when anyone else opens it! Gone are the days of driving away then suddenly wondering if you remembered to close the garage door, a quick consult of your App will let you know the status of your door and if in fact you did leave it open, you can close it with the tap of a screen.

It’s crucial to use the right opener for the size and weight of the door. Just like drill technology, most brands of openers have moved from AC to DC. Be aware of a DC openers' force rating, cheaper openers often have limitations on the size and weight of door they're warranted for. 


Standard Features for Garador™ Residential Openers

  • Soft Start/Soft Stop operation that reduces noise and stress on the door by cleverly adjusting speed at the start and end of each cycle
  • Intelligent Sensitivity System (ISS) reacts to door obstructions to minimise the risk of damage to people, pets and property
  • DC powered motor - choose the right opener with torque to suit your door
  • Battery Backup and SmartSolar™ solar charging options for operation when or where mains power is unavailable
  • ALPS (Automatic Limits Positioning System) that makes for millimetre perfect stops at the desired open and close positions
  • Pre-assembled C-Rail for clean, safe installation and softer operation – available in a super quiet aluminium
  • Courtesy Light that illuminates with each cycle, and can operate separately from the door
  • Comes standard with up to three TrioCode™ Key ring Transmitters
  • Garador™ PG-3 Programmer integration, allows service professionals to swiftly service and upgrade your opener with the latest operating firmware and advanced functions
  • Customisable operating modes that provide greater flexibility for your garage, including Vacation Mode – which blocks out all but one transmitter, and Pet & Pedestrian Mode – providing a limited opening for non-vehicular access
  • TrioCode™ multi-frequency coding system using three frequencies to overcome the increasing problem of interference within your neighbourhood
  • TrioCode™ code hopping technology to generate a new random code with each use.



Garador™ GDO-10 Industrial Opener

Suitable for rolling doors up to 28m2 this is our beast with superior pulling power. It comes standard with a built-in battery back up and a wall mounted LCD control panel that can program a variety of operating modes. It has all the security and reliability that Garador is famous for and can manage up to 511 TrioCode™ 128 transmitters.

If you're looking for a rolling door opener with true grit and state of the art features, click here to read all about Garador's GDO-10:

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