4 Ways to make your house look more 'up market'

4 Ways to make your house look more 'up market'

Why do some homes seem to have the 'it factor' while others of the same ilk look tired and unfashionable? It could be simply a matter of good maintenance, thoughtful design tweaks and simple updates to key areas. In this blog, we're offering four updates that will help to make your house look more upmarket and bring ever-desirable curb appeal to your property.

Focal Point Entry

The front entry sets the tone for your home, so a few updates can go a long way to creating a luxe impression. How's the front path looking? If yours has cracked concrete or paving, untidy edges or a mossy surface it will do a lot to drag down curb appeal. If it doesn't look safe to navigate, it doesn't provide a warm welcome. A new walkway is a small investment that can work wonders for your landscape. Line it with inexpensive greenery and voila! Solid first impression.


Above, clockwise from top left: An otherwise ordinary house made great by a stunning extension and entryway; A neat as a pin verandah complemented by the bold front door with brass accessories; An interesting front door with a path flanked by symmetrical planting says "come on in", Clean hedging leaves no doubt about where to come knocking; Simple trellised planting creates an ethereal effect.

When it comes to the entry to the house, we suggest you zhoosh up the area at least every season. Wash down walls, annexes and verandahs, repot plants if necessary and consider a lick of paint. Use a strong colour to make the front door pop, then flank the point of entry with tall planters or some other decorative element. Finish the look by adding symmetrical plantings on either side of the walkway. Speaking of planting leads us to the next tip.

Considered Planting

Plant in drifts, plant symmetrically, plant in rows. 

Drifts are groups of plants arranged in an organic way in your landscape that create an appealing vista. Usually, it’s recommended that you plant drifts of odd numbers like 3, 5, or 7 for the best impact. 


Above, clockwise from top left: Informal, blended rows; Drifts, rows and symmetry all at play here; Even simple symmetry still does the trick; Gorgeous garden - imagine the improvement a new garage door and lick of paint would make!

Alternatively, planting in even numbers creates symmetry and encourages a formal aesthetic. To achieve this, choose striking plants or containers and consider their position carefully. For example, one tall tree at each side of an entrance, a row of plants on each side of a garden path and containers with flowering plants on either side of the front door.


When planting in rows, arrange the tallest plants in the back, the medium-sized plants in the centre and the lowest plants in the front, creating a foreground, middle-ground and background. Be sure to select plants for their height at maturity and choose colours that complement each other. If you’d like an informal look to your rows, try blending the rows of plants a little, blurring the lines for a more casual and carefree effect.

New garage door


Above, left: A modern overhaul simply achieved with a new Garador Sierra. Top right: Garador's Aspen provides a warm welcome. Bottom right:  A clear line to the front door with symmetrical pillars and Garador's Newport creating a feature that matches the front door.

If your garage is street-facing, it could be taking up 30% or more of your available real estate. A dated or dilapidated garage door screams 'past it' as well as lacking in security. Upgrading to a new garage door is often less costly than expected and with extended warranties, your investment is covered for many years. Flat panelled garage doors are super popular right now and their modern aesthetic can lift an older home considerably. Wide panels also complement modern cladding and can help to make cheaper options look, well, more expensive. 

Pressed panels bring a traditional appeal to a home that might be lacking in personality while conversely, swapping out older pressed panel garage doors for linear panels can bring a new lease of life to dated properties. Try our garage door visualiser to get an idea of how a new garage door could bring life to a home like yours.

Paint fences

This one might be considered a 'no-brainer' but it's also a job that is easy to neglect yet can make a huge difference to the street appeal of your home, just take a look at our images. A property defined with well-maintained fencing stands out from others on the street.


Above: The most basic wooden fences get transformed into a backdrop that frames and elevates outdoor areas. Tip for painting or staining fences: Two thin coats will give a much better result than one thick coat.

Use stain to totally transform bog-standard wood fences. What once set the tone for the rest of the property becomes a frame to show off what's inside. Just make sure you treat and remove any algae first, considering that algae are formed from water absorbed by the wood. Concrete fencing might benefit from being scrubbed with a wire brush before priming with a suitable undercoat and painting a colour that matches your home. 


Fences and retaining walls marred by algae, lichen and chipping paint tend to grab attention and bring down the overall tone of the place.

The same principles apply to hedges - a well-manicured hedge speaks of quality while its unkempt counterpart screams 'derelict'.
Tip: If your fence colour matches other homes on the street, try choosing a new colour to make your property stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to keeping your property up to date, it pays to choose quality products that will reliably go the distance. Your local team from Garador has the knowledge and the experience to help you choose the best door for your needs with the latest in accessories that just make life easier. Call 0800 000 661 or request a free measure & quote.

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