4 Ways to make your garage warmer

Best Ways to Make Your Garage Warmer | New Zealand

Winter is on its way, along with draughts, chills and dampness and one of the places we inevitably feel the cold is in the garage. With freezing concrete floors and a constantly changing environment due to the garage door opening and closing, it’s tricky keeping any sense of cosiness. Whether your garage is attached to your home or standalone, there are steps you can take to improve the atmosphere while saving on long term energy costs, such as installing an insulated garage door and simply sealing gaps. Following are our four best ways to make your garage warmer.

Seal cracks and gaps


Above, top row: Gaps in frames, wall linings and where the floor meets the wall are typical culprits for attracting draughts and can usually be sealed easily. Bottom left: a badly fitting garage door is prone to draughts and debris and could pose a security risk. Bottom right: Quality, well-fitted garage doors are your best bet for a warm garage. Image courtesy of Garador Christchurch.

Starting with the garage door, if there are any cracks or other damage to the door, you want to contact your local garage door professional for repairs as soon as possible, or even make the decision to replace your existing garage door. An airtight seal on a strong, sturdy door will keep the garage warmer by preventing draughts from entering. Likewise, cracks in wall linings, badly fitted doors, windows left open or with cracked or missing panes and uncovered attic openings will attract cold draughts that can change the atmosphere in your garage considerably. Either enlist a handyman to fill gaps and seal off holes or try a DIY approach. You might be surprised at the difference a fully-sealed garage makes.

Add a floor covering


Most garages are built with concrete floors and if yours didn’t come with a floor covering, you’ll notice that warmth is easily drained from the space by the large mass of that concrete. A floor covering acts as a thermal layer, improving the feel of the floor on contact with your feet and helping to prevent heat loss through absorption into the concrete base. If you choose carpet, we recommend a purpose made carpet that will keep the chill out while repelling dirt and being impervious to mould. Other floor covering options to help keep the garage warm include tiles, vinyl and at a pinch, area rugs and carpet offcuts. Take a look at our blog on floor covering options for your garage.

Insulate walls & windows


Another way to increase warmth in your garage is to insulate the walls and ceiling. This increases energy efficiency and helps lock in sunshine and day warmth, even when you open and close your garage doors several times a day. Garage insulation can make a big difference to the whole house in the case of an attached garage, where if not insulated the garage can effectively draw the heat from the rest of the home. 

Insulate garage doors


Above, clockwise from top left: Garador's Insulated series of sectional garage doors, Newport, Allegra, Camden, Nevada, Sierra, Aspen.

Ultimately, one of the best ways to keep your garage warm is to install insulated garage doors. If you think of your sectional steel doors as a part of the garage walls, it makes sense to provide an extra layer of protection against the elements. Most new sectional garage doors can be insulated and oftentimes insulation can be retrofitted to a garage door. Garador uses a superior form of insulation for our garage doors, a graphite-infused EPS that effectively reduces heat transfer into and out of the garage. An added bonus is reduced sound transfer as well. Take look at our insulated series here.

Invest in insulated sectional doors

If you’ve taken steps to seal and insulate your garage and it’s still too chilly for your intended use, then the addition of a heat source will work more efficiently than it would have previously. Remember to be especially careful using heaters near where paints and solvents are stored. Never leave a heater unattended and if possible, use a timer to ensure that the heater is not left on for an extended period.

Garador is here to help with safe, warm and reliable garage doors throughout New Zealand. If you’re interested in upgrading to one of our insulated sectional doors, call the trusted Garador team on 0800 000 661. You can also contact us here for a free measure and quote. 

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